Rethinking the Rules

Utility closet garage MG_2229

Oops… I already need to revise my rules. I’ve started on a closet when rule number three is to start with what I can see. In other words ‘forget the closets’.

But the utility closet in the garage is useless as-is: full of dirt and cobwebs, and with shelves that are falling off the wall. I need this closet NOW. Here it is after we took out about half the stuff: empty plastic jugs, old paint cans, brushes and stir-sticks, half full boxes of (dusty) dust masks, etc.



Utility closet garage IMG_2228

Here’s my friend Sam helping me clear out that closet. See how much we’ve already taken out?

It also dawns on me that I need to add a rule: “Accept help when offered.” It’s going in the list today. In the seven years since Bob’s death I’ve always refused help, feeling that the clearing out is my job and my karma, mine alone. But if I haven’t got it done by now,  I may never get it done without help.

7 thoughts on “Rethinking the Rules

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  2. It’s amazing the motivation a friend and their help can bring! I too have moved and worked alone for years on my clutter and belongings, but living in a hostel for a year forced me to accept company as a valuable treat for the soul. And the help that came from a dear friend from there was invaluable when it came to sorting my stuff in storage and making larger progress. I wrote about it too:

    • Yes– Our friends are golden. I only hope I can be of such help someday. Sorting stuff in storage sounds like it’s harder, too, since it’s not always with you, and easier to put off. All the best to you in your endeavour! — Sandy

      • Fortunately due to my travels I see my storage every once in a while, so it becomes a scheduled visit the majority of the time and gets some sort of attention each time. I did give it a good go when I still lived in Melbourne but as you know, hoarding can’t be cleaned up in a few days -_-

      • That’s so interesting that you have easy access to your storage unit. I didn’t know that was possible. When we first moved here we combined 2 households, and both had things in storage while we lived in an apartment the first several months. The company moved us, and paid for the storage for a limited time, so we didn’t have a choice of places, and didn’t have access to it until we got everything out. But NOW you have me thinking… what if I move my junky boxes into an accessible storage unit, the easier to get the house fixed up. It’s hard to see progress, and hard to remodel around my stacks of stuff I’m sorting out. (I suppose I’m too frugal to do that, but still it’s nice to think about)

      • Well you know storage facilities have come a long way I think even in the past 15 years or so I’ve had them. There are so many options now, I’m sure there would be similar options in America as there are in Australia.

        My first unit was 10 mins’drive from my folks in an industrial area, very open spaced, people stored cars there, caravans, plus large and small units were available. I then tried a few in Melbourne but the one I found most convenient, thus worth the price, was a smaller multi-storey one in the heart of the city, a 2 minute walk from my old apartment and the hostel I lived in. Super convenient to dash around to, change clothes, pick up anything I needed, and moving out of my apartment into there initially was super convenient as well. They provided a moving van free that I could drive myself. And every time I had to change rooms at the hostel, I’d simply walk all but one bag back to the unit and leave it there til I needed it again.

        There are other options though that might be worthwhile though – for example the ‘taxi-box’, which is a box on a trailer that gets delivered and is left on your property as long as needed. Similarly there is one that can be towed away if you don’t need access, to a place on the edge of town. Both very economical options. The latter is suited for people like me who now live overseas and don’t need regular access or want to pay the price of a location. I’m sure there are still others I just can’t think of of them now.

        Hope it helps with your daydreaming, you never know something might prove feasible, if it will help you with your cleaning, even for one month?
        Good luck 🙂

      • Wow – thanks for the info. You are so thorough! My only fear on the offsite storage is that I’d go into “out of sight, out of mind” mode and not stay on task. So nice to think about though, and could be a good option for some things in transition. This week for example I’ve been so busy weeding the yard (rampant spring growth) that I’ve not had much time to “weed” the house.

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