Book Donations

After a round of clutter cleanup, I’m off to the library to deliver some book and magazine donations. Only 66 magazines and 5 books today, plus a bag of batteries for the library’s recycle box. A quick total of last year’s donations, down from previous years of sorting but still respectable: 225 hardback books, 240 paperbacks, 269 magazines, plus a couple of boxes of books I gave to friends.

I haven’t sorted books for a while, but when I do, I sell, swap, or donate them.

drawer for swap IMG_2490

A drawer full of books saved for swapping.

Swap-wise, my wish-list books come slowly, as many are for out of print books not often available.  Swapping isn’t so good for people who want to get rid of things, though, since we get something in return.  Still, it has advantages: I know the books I send out are going to someone who wants them (as opposed to being leftovers at the thrift store and ending up in the landfill) and it’s nice to sometimes get something in return. I use, but there are several other sites, not just for books but for CDs, and DVDs. A quick google search even brings up sites to swap VHS movies.

books for coffee shop IMG_2494

Mostly sci-fi for the coffee shop too — this is a geek household.

All this reminds me that a local coffee shop has a shelf of paperbacks for customers to read and take, and I still have a bag of books I sorted out to donate to them. I guess I’ll be stopping for coffee on the way home.


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