Horoscope Help: Cleaning the Garage

time_2 The Vault of Time, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Vault of Time, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes I read my horoscope in the paper. This one appeals to me:
“The distant point you see is not close to your destination, but you can’t make out anything beyond it. Journey to that point, and when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”

This helps me think of my house-project as something I may be able to accomplish after all. It’s been a tough week, with lots of maintenance chores and little progress toward my goals. I need to pick one room and focus on it. I’m getting back to the garage. It’s not a room I live in, and really not a “room” at all, but it’s a disorganized place in the house that I see every day when I go in and out.

Every little bit of order carved from chaos helps to lift my spirit.

Maybe I can whittle away at it by choosing one thing to clean up every time I go through.  Of course, years ago I thought I’d do that with the basement and the result was — I quit going to the basement. I can’t quit going to the garage though — can this work?


3 thoughts on “Horoscope Help: Cleaning the Garage

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  2. Sandry, Flylady gives some insight on this. She said it didn’t get that way overnight. It won’t get straightened out overnight either. Never get sidetracked. Go through one box at a time. Have three boxes, bins or baskets in front of you labeled Trash, Keep, Donate. Throw the trash away, put away what you are keeping and put your donations into the trunk so that it can go to who you are donating it to on our next trip out. Work 15 min. at a time. Put on some good music and don’t over do it. You can do it. Plus I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has this problem. Check out flylady.net She is quite encouraging on getting you to the good place.

    • Thanks Lori — I’ll have to subscribe to flylady. I do know there are 2 things that really slow me down: I work on too many things at the same time, and, I want to get things to good homes rather than throw them away. Flylady has some very good tips!

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