What Is This Doing In My Garage?

paper grocery bag full of pine cones

— WHY? —

It’s hard to believe I kept a bag of pine cones. What was I thinking?

I still haven’t finished my utility closet project. I admit I have so much stuff (like a bag of pine cones) piled up that it’s hard to get to the door. It should be ready to paint by now; I’ve vacuumed and washed it. But the floor is rough and I’d really like to sand it, and the wall has places that need filler. I need to get a grip… my closet will be seldom seen and it doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s been like this since the house was built. I make a pact with myself – I will allocate one hour, no more, to getting it ready to paint.

I will not – repeat NOT – dither over color. I will use what’s left over from painting the garage and trim.

Meanwhile I deliver my accumulated recyclables to a nearby recycling center (thank you earth911.org for pointing me there).  These are things my weekly service doesn’t take, and I’ve accumulated a pick-up load.  Even the seat beside me is full (and yes, I still have my pick-up truck, but that’s a subject for another day). The Recycling Center accepts even more than I thought they would — broken CDs and a stack of old floppies, yes! They take my old electric kettle and 2 worn-out lawn sprinkler attachments, plus some other metal pieces I cleaned out of the garage,  3 1/2 trash bags full of shredded paper, and the old PC tower that’s been sitting in the garage for 5 or 6 years. They even have a bin for old eye-glasses. With this and a trip to leave Goodwill donations, I feel much lighter.

Anyone need a bag of pine cones?


7 thoughts on “What Is This Doing In My Garage?

  1. Hello Sandy, your story is very moving. It must take a lot of courage to do what you are doing. Each item you pick up must be a reminder of the past. But now that you are confronting all those memories, the items you do keep will be a wonderful memorial to Bob. I looking forward to following your story.

    • Once I picked up some pine cones in Rome, in the Vatican Gardens. I actually brought some home in my suitcase, even gave a couple to my mother telling her, “these are the Pope’s pine cones.” That’s not what was in the garage though. So, new bees?

  2. if you haven’t given the pine cones away yet, try a school or girl scout troop. I remember collecting some for different things for the girl scouts and boy scouts when Rita and Wes were little. Don’t give up. Great story. MaryAnn

    • What a great idea — I didn’t even think of that. Speaking of Scouts though, looking around the basement while the A/C maintenance guy was here this week, I saw a box that has ‘camping supplies’ written on the side. I’ll have to work on that and see if there’s anything there for Scouts.

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