Neglected Leaves Can Compost Too

Hoarding the Compost, Redux: A Secret in Plain Sight

The four garbage bins sitting at the side of the house were there when Bob and I moved in. We never used them. Years ago, when we were out of town for several weeks while Bob was in the hospital, my saintly friend Susan came over and cleaned piles of autumn leaves off the driveway for us. She brought her leaf eater, crunched an amazing number of leaves, and (my compost was full) put the results into those garbage bins for safe keeping.  I thought that was brilliant, so after working her leaf litter into the compost, I filled the garbage bins again myself. Then I forgot all about my new hiding place, though I walk by there several times a week.

Now I wonder what’s inside: could there be secret compost?

secret compost IMG_2433

One has compost, one still has leaves.

secret compost inside one of the bins

I know, “ewwww”. It’s not pretty, but it’s compost. It really is wonderful stuff.

Two bins leaked, and over time, moisture allowed the dark and mysterious process of composting to take place.  It may look disgusting, but it’s good stuff. Sam helps me haul the “black-gold” to a flowerbed and take the leaves to my newly reorganized compost containers.

secret compost IMG_2431

The leaves in the dry bin look like I stored them yesterday.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the empty garbage bins. There’s no recycling emblem, so I’ll ask at the Recycling Center and/or write to Rubbermaid. Soon I’ll have a clutter-free driveway.

Do you have a secret hoarding-place that you walk by every day?


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