Finding a Flag on Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day serendipity

A couple of days ago I saw a note in the local newspaper about a place to take worn U.S. flags for ceremonial disposal. I thought aha! – bit by bit I’ve been cleaning out the garage, and I’m ashamed to say there’s a dilapidated old flag hidden back in the corner –  now I know what to do with it. But wait. I may not be a girl-scout, but I should be respectful. I don’t know how to fold it…but there’s always youtube. Minutes later, armed with knowledge, I headed for the garage, found the flag, and guess what? It wasn’t dilapidated at all, just wrapped up.

Crisis averted, I headed out for errands. Along the way, I saw flags hanging everywhere. I don’t know why it hadn’t registered — here in the U.S. it’s Memorial Day weekend, of course it’s time for flags. So when I got home I put it out.  Here it is.

A found flag

My found flag, after seven years in storage.

Bob brought that flag home years ago, and hung it out for July 4. He loved Independence Day (especially the opportunity for fireworks). Somehow in my memory the flag became worn and ragged, but now that I think about it, he wouldn’t have let it go like that. So, the last time he took it down, he wrapped it up for later, and it’s been there ever since.

In my childhood, what we now call Memorial Day was “Decoration Day”, and we all picked flowers (peonies and iris, in the mid-west), arranged them in glass jars, and took them to the cemeteries. Putting Bob’s flag out for the weekend seems to me an equally poignant remembrance.


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