Appreciating the Local Art Market and Farmer’s Market: Re-using is Still Better than Recycling

Glass bottle serendipity:

I have a thing about colored glass and window light. When my back porch plants got too big for my thift-store plant stand, I re-purposed the stand as a bottle-tree.

bottle tree with blue and green glass bottles and hyacinth vases

The hourglass-shaped hyacinth vases are for starting bulbs in water.

Bob liked it too, and I remember when he brought me home that tall blue bottle on the left  – it was some fancy kind of water that he bought just because he knew I’d like the cobalt blue bottle. He was right, and it’s been on my bottle stand for years now, along with my colored hyacinth vases and some other bottles I found in the basement. When I found that basement trove of empty (but interesting) bottles, I took some to the recycling center but saved the rest, hoping some other uses might present themselves.

Then I noticed the local Art Market /Farmer’s Market has a booth selling wind chimes and other things made from melted bottles.

repurposed bottles at market IMG_2861

Cool, I thought, maybe that’s who’d like to have my bottles. I asked, and the answer was yes. So I got my bottles gathered up and delivered. I even gave up the tall blue bottle. It’s one more thing I’ve been hanging on to when I should be letting go.

bottles to deliver to the Market

Here’s what I donated.

Songbird and Twig Market Stand

Thank you Songbird & Twig, for using the bottles!

For those of us into re-purposing, a local market is also an opportunity to take back berry boxes and egg cartons for re-use. That’s something you can’t do at the grocery store.

Now, what to do with my extra hyacinth vases? I don’t start as many bulbs indoors as I used to. Come September, when they’ll be useful, how about I have a give-away on this blog? Anyone interested?

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7 thoughts on “Appreciating the Local Art Market and Farmer’s Market: Re-using is Still Better than Recycling

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  2. Great post- love the creativity and the glass really does look beautiful. I used to collect bottles and they looked pretty lined up along my window sill but really . . . I don’t need them so I gave them to a friend who collects bottles.

    • Thanks for the comment. Like you, I liked the bottles while they were here, but I don’t need them. And that last batch I found — they weren’t even out where I could see them. I’m enjoying passing things along.

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