Highlights from the Modern Atlanta Homes Tour – 2013

We went on the Modern Atlanta homes tour yesterday. You may think that touring beautiful modern (presumably minimalist) homes is needlessly painful for someone who’s got as much de-cluttering left to do as I have, but for lovers of architecture and design, it’s worth it.

This thoroughly modern pooch was not concerned by visitors tromping through his home.

home tour - modern dog sleeps through the tour

Maybe he was tired out by yesterday’s tour?

Inside, it was barefoot or booties, especially on the white marble floors like this. The rains came while we were in this house, so I sloshed back to the car barefoot, to keep my sandals dry.

home tour shoes - quite a pile left in the foyer

Modern pool table inside, juxtaposed with modern lap-pool outside. There’s no standard green felt here, just glossy white and creamy gray.

Sleek modern pool table, and view outside to the lap pool.

When I saw the pebble-filled pool around the entrance to this house, I wished for koi.

Shallow pebble-filled pool around the entrance step.

I got my wish at the next house we toured:

Koi pond and patio

home tour book shelf - wall of books.

This bookshelf is in a home/studio.

Bookshelves. I’m still a book lover with my own wall-o-books at home, so I loved it when I saw full bookcases in at least three of the houses. Two had floor to ceiling bookcases with their own ladders. Too bad I hadn’t yet thought of photographing them. Modern library ladders are sleek metal versions. (want)

What did we like best? — The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home seemed to us the most livable, with comfortable niches and porches and getaway spots in the yard, yet just as “modern” as the sleek industrial-style homes on the tour.

homes tour Wright-ish IMG_2962

Homes tours rarely disappoint. I don’t suffer from envy — if a home is on a tour, it’s probably beyond my means anyway, and even if I could afford to spend that much on a house, I wouldn’t.  If the places are beautiful, then I’m inspired and I come home energized. If they’re over-decorated and not to my liking, well, I just come back with the thinking “there’s no place like home.”

Wright inspired IMG_2963

Was there a lesson learned from this tour? You betcha: Sunday wasn’t enough. We only got to see 6 of the 12 properties; next year we’ll start on Saturday.

Do you have a tour to recommend?





11 thoughts on “Highlights from the Modern Atlanta Homes Tour – 2013

  1. Two things. Firstly, these homes aren’t minimalist – they just have amazingly well designed cupboards so the owners can pretend they don’t have any stuff! Secondly, I loved what you said about home tours not making you envious but inspired and energised, or appreciating what you have. Win win! : )

    • Those sneaky homeowners! They certainly do seem to have miles of pristine kitchen countertops. When I came home I looked at mine I said “I wonder if, when the tour’s over, they breathe a sigh of relief and start messing things up?”

  2. I had the pleasure of hosting one property on the 2013 Sante Fe Modern Home Tour. The house is on the market for $1.2 million, and the realtor was on hand to answer visitors’ (and my) questions. What an interesting afternoon! I only wish I could have seen the ‘earthships’ featured in the Taos tour the previous day.

    I’ve posted a few photos that I took on my blog: rabbitholeinteriors.com.

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