Four Things That Shouldn’t Have Been in my Kitchen Cabinet

My leaking garbage disposal won the “Mess of the Week” prize last week. I had to stop everything I was doing, clean up under the cabinets, and get a new disposal. There’s a lot of space there that hasn’t been emptied out in years >blush< maybe a decade. At that overly meticulous time in my life I fitted the vinyl shelf liner the length of the cabinet, carefully cut around the pipes and other obstructions, 8 feet long, 2 feet deep, all one piece. To take up the liner and dry out the cabinet, everything had to come out.

What’s this doing in my kitchen cabinet?  — more colored glass.

bottles IMG_2998

A couple of weeks ago I took colored glass bottles to be repurposed by Songbird and Twig at the local Artist’s Market. (here’s that post) Now, back in the corner of the kitchen cabinet, I found more colored bottles. The taller blue one is yet another kind of fancy water that Bob bought so I could have it for my bottle stand. The green fish bottle is a mystery – I know it has a story that I’m right on the edge of remembering, but not yet. I packed up the bottles and several berry boxes, also found in the cabinet, to donate on my next trip to the market.

Vintage fish shaped wine bottle, green glass.

I can’t resist adding a closer picture of the fish bottle. (love the fin)


What is this doing in my kitchen cabinet?  — a bottle of Machu Picchu Punch.

machu picchu punch IMG_3121

Apple, guava, papaya, and passion fruit. Is that at all Peruvian?

This one’s all my fault. Not that I remember keeping it, but I’m sure I did it for love, for the absurdity of the name, and because I used to buy it at my favorite grocery store back in Kansas City in the good old days B.C. (Before Cancer). That store was Clearly Nature’s Own: I still have one of their shopping bags. Now, the little store at 43rd and Main is no longer CNO. It was bought by a chain, years ago. My punch has gone dark, and there’s no more available; I googled.

What is this doing in my kitchen cabinet?  — my Yogomatic.

yogomatic IMG_3117

Back in my Machu Picchu Punch days, it wasn’t so easy to get good yogurt, so we dedicated ‘gurt heads made our own. This little device kept the milk and culture at the right temperature. It made a quart, and it wasn’t half bad.  Ebay, I see, knows nothing of Yogomatic, nothing of Machu Picchu Punch (though there might be a market for those 4 cans of JR Beer I found in the basement last week).

What is this doing in my kitchen cabinet?  — a pig-shaped cutting board.

pig cutting boardIMG_3116

He’s made from formica countertop material.

This one I recognized immediately – Bob’s dad made this. He made beautiful furniture, like the walnut bookshelves Bob left me, but he also made pig-shaped cutting boards. Apparently I wasn’t as keen on the pig as I was on the bookcase, and I squirreled it away in the back of the cabinet. Now, what to do with the pig? I’m OK getting rid of the other things, but it’s hard to let go of stuff that came from family.

Ending on a bright note: here’s something I’m glad I kept. I still use it, and it’s nice to brag that even though we had embarrassing hair-do’s, we did know enough to have re-useable grocery bags. Oops, just remembered, one of these days I’ll find my European string bags from the ‘70’s.

CNO canvas grocery bag

My CNO canvas grocery bag.

CNO bag IMG_3110

… and the reverse side.

ok, maybe that last one isn’t really related, but I couldn’t resist

11 thoughts on “Four Things That Shouldn’t Have Been in my Kitchen Cabinet

    • Thank you Zoe, I’m just heading out there now. That’s my screened porch. After moving here we looked at some gorgeous patio sets ($$$$) but then I found that table at a flea market and refinished it ($20, much better!) and it went with my old chairs.

  1. Too funny. I just cleaned out my kitchen cabinets this weekend too. Didn’t think to take photos of all the crazy stuff I got rid of though. I’m so happy, I’ve now (over several decluttering sessions) gotten rid of enough unneeded stuff that my counters have space again (because that stuff can go in the cabinets).

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