Plastic bags & bottles – but what about the plastics we can’t see?

I’m reblogging this thoughtful post from “PipMarks”. And yes, I’m still working on using less plastic. Now I see that success at using my own grocery and produce bags, plus limiting other purchases that come in plastic, is just the tip of the plastic iceberg. Please read this, and when you need to lighten up, do click on the “mockumentary”.

OK, I’m off to read the labels on my facial cleansers —

Sustainability soapbox

© Bidouze Stéphane | Dreamstime.comIt is one thing to talk about plastic bags and water bottles and other things that we can see and can make a conscious decision about (i.e. whether we buy or accept them in the first place and then how we reuse or dispose of them).

We at least know that if we do the ‘wrong’ thing, our discarded plastic items are likely to end up being preserved in a massive midden (landfill) for future generations to deal with or will eventually find their way to huge sinks (oceans and lakes) where they break down over tens and hundreds (maybe thousands) of years into tiny pieces that then wash up on beaches all around the world, including the otherwise pristine shores of Lord Howe Island. Or that are swallowed by turtles and fish and then eaten by birds (e.g. albatross in this post) and other species up the food chain…


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