A Downsizer’s “No Thanks” and “Yes Please” List

I loved The Spark Collector’s Simple Living “Yes please/No thanks” list (see it here). Now I’m inspired to make one of my own.  I switched the order, to end on a positive note, and came up with the Downsizer’s Illustrated Guide, as follows:

No thanks!     Christmas tree
Yes please!     Christmas cactus

I'm having a hard time downsizing my Christmas cactus collection.

I still haven’t downsized my Christmas cactus collection.

No thanks!     making a Christmas list of “stuff”
Yes please!     receiving donations to charity instead (Thank You friends and family)

No thanks!     too much “big picture”
Yes please!     sometimes taking a closer look

An ant explores my back yard.

This ant takes a closer look at my back yard.

No thanks!      grass to water, mow, and feed
Yes please!      groundcover that blooms and attracts pollinators

No thanks!     formal landscaping
Yes please!     native plant rescues

Bob rescued the Bloodroot, it still comes up every year.

Bob found the Bloodroot on a plant rescue; it still comes up every year.

No thanks!      my basement, alas, still full o’ stuff
Yes please!      my future basement sorted out, sparklingly clean, everything donated or recycled

No thanks!     me, staring in despair at my still-messy garage
Yes please!     future me, finally finishing the garage project a year after starting in Jan-2013 (*blush*)

No thanks!     a mega-cruise-ship vacation
Yes please!     a companionable trip, personally planned, frugally executed, with pizza-tourism for Sam

DeVito's Pizza in Reykjavik.

At DeVito’s Pizza in Reykjavik.

No thanks!     bug spray
Yes please!     plenty of spiders, especially if they’re as pretty as this one

Backyard spider

A spider from my backyard.

No thanks!     Captain Kirk
Yes please!     Captains Sisko, Picard & Janeway!

(Yes, it’s off-topic; I geeked out on this one but we all need a little humor in our lives)

A Starfleet officer gets a shoeshine at Dragon Con.

A Starfleet officer gets a shoeshine at Dragon Con.

Could it be Kirk-in-a-Box? -- two Shatner Action figures at a past Dragon Con.

Could it be Kirk-in-a-Box? — two life-sized Shatner Action figures at a past Dragon Con.

Phasers on stun, folks… now, do you have a No Thanks/Yes Please list to share?


8 thoughts on “A Downsizer’s “No Thanks” and “Yes Please” List

  1. I’m speechless after seeing your beautiful Christmas Cactus collection. I have one, which was my Mom’s. It’s red & very special to me. I’ve never seen a white one. Thanks for sharing them with me.

    • Hi Betty – I’m so glad to hear from you, I was just thinking of you this week. I started several hoya plants for some of you who were interested. But now I’m not sure how to get them to you. (I wonder if I could wrap them up and mail them?) Merry Christmas! — Sandy

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