WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I’m de-hoarding photos again.

Frida Kahlo’s Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth, Myself, Diego, and Señor Xólotl. I think of this as the ultimate family portrait: Frida, Diego, the Goddess, the door to the underworld, the sun, the moon, the Universe — what else could there be? I took this photo in summer 2013 at the Nelson-Atkins museum in Kansas City’s Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Masterpieces of Modern Mexico exhibition.

Love embrace of the universe DSC_0392

… and here’s a photo elsewhere in the exhibition. I liked how they painted the walls chili red and green for the show.

Nelson Frida show DSC_0385

Family photos are on my mind now. One of my tasks this week is to get a start on sorting through my own, so thanks WordPress Challenge, for keeping me focused. (oops, no pun intended)



10 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

    • Thanks for the comment – I was lucky to see 2 Frida exhibitions in 2013, one in Atlanta and one in Kansas City, some overlap but both very moving shows. And in KC the bonus was: they let us take photographs.

      • That is pretty awesome! I had to make do with buying a couple of postcards. I saw an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, and when I came out my sister was asking if I liked a particular picture, and I didn’t remember seeing it, and she described the room – turned out I’d missed a whole room! Fortunately they let me back in the exit so I could have a look! Phew!

        I went to Mexico City a few years ago, and you can go to view Frida Kahlo’s house… but it is closed on Mondays, the only full day I had there. I was gutted! One day I will go back…

      • Did you get to see the outside of the house? there were photos of it in the Atlanta exhibition – blown up wall sized, really interesting. Someday I’d like to go there too. In the exhibit we both found ourselves humming “Burn it Blue” (from the soundtrack of the movie Frida) before we consciously realized it.

      • No, we went to Teotihuacan instead, which was very impressive… but not the same at all. One day… Who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other there! Although it’s a lot closer for you to get there than for me!

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