Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition (Bob with Big Shoes, and Grandpa Henry David?)

Going through more of Bob’s dad’s photos, I found another one of Bob and his father. Like the photos I posted last week, this one looks like it must be from a trip. If so, it got away from its album.Bob and Ted with Big Wooden Shoes

Perhaps the lesson here is that when these guys left the planet, they left some big shoes to fill.

I’m going through old photos from my family, too. There’s synchronicity in this: I’m snowed in today, and about this time 12 or so years ago I got snowed in while visiting my mother. We decided to spend our extra day together going through old photos. I’m glad we did that. We wrote names on many that I wouldn’t know how to identify now, without her. Not all the photos are marked, though.

Juxtaposition #2, here’s a selection of photos from one box I unpacked … see anyone you recognize?Family photographs plus one mystery inclusion.

The large one in bottom row center didn’t have a name on it but seemed familiar. His style of beard and hair, his light-colored eyes with a dark rim around the irises, all were consistent with some photos I’d seen of my paternal great grandfather. When I showed the photos to Sam, I told him who I thought it might be.  “Dear,” he said, “That’s Henry What's Henry David Thoreau doing here?David Thoreau. Is Henry David your great grandfather?”

Well, no… *blush* so what’s that picture doing with my family photos? Two possibilities occur to me:

  1. A prankster parent? Possible, but not likely.
  2. A secret “acquaintance” great-grandma didn’t tell us about? Not likely there either.  So here’s another time-capsule mystery I don’t suppose I’ll ever solve.

As for Henry David Thoreau: he’s a great role model for downsizers. And, transendentally speaking, I guess we could justify his inclusion in my box of family photographs by saying we’re all from the family of man. Even feminists like me can accept that. We know that half of mankind may be women, but we’re all “men” — it’s just that the wo(e) is silent.

And here’s a good thing to think about while downsizing:
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau
Have you looked at your family photos lately?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition (Bob with Big Shoes, and Grandpa Henry David?)

    • Aha – then I have a Thoreau fan in the family (besides me). And I think they went to Holland in the late 1980’s; I will be watching for an album from that trip to appear as I am sorting through boxes.

  1. Yes, Sandy, I think some of those people are my mother’s relatives. Anyhow, I didn’t ask her to identify as many as she could. Now I have her boxes of photos and wonder who these people are and if I dare toss them out. I feel derelict in doing that! Maybe HDT downsized by giving his pictures to our ancestors.

    • There’s a big discussion going on on my hometown Facebook page right now. Several people have posted old class photographs (er, I think I may have started it by posting one from the 40’s) and everyone is scrutinizing them, trying to enlarge them or sharpen them, and figure out who the kids are. As for HDT, he does get around doesn’t he?

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