Quilts That Matter, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I’ve been reading Nate Berkus’ Things That Matter, so I’m picking a “thing” for my photo challenge: treasure.

My mother's applique quilt.

My mother’s applique quilt.

I’m the repository of the family quilts. Add some more that I collected along the way and that means I have more than my share. Some sorting-out is going to have to happen. But for today, I’m sharing a favorite — definitely a quilt that matters.  My mother was a young woman in her 20’s when she pieced this quilt top from scraps left over from her sewing. It lay in storage for a few decades before she showed it to me, and we had it quilted.

I’ve lived over a decade without my mother now. The fabric she handled, the delicate stitches she took, this gift she gave me — all call back her loving presence and shine a little light into the past to illuminate the early lives of two people I cherish.  Two, you ask? Yes, look closer and you’ll see my brother’s baby clothes.

M quilt Carrols clothes ducks and chickens DSC_0897

My mother's quilt, my brother's baby clothes.

My mother’s quilt, my brother’s baby clothes.

When I see her small regular stitches on the appliqué, I feel like I’m reading her handwriting.
That’s how I know this quilt belongs with me, for now anyway.

“Deciding what things belong to you is deeply personal.”  — Nate Berkus

What do you have that you know belongs to you?

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