Quilts That Matter Part 2, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Quilts aren’t just an early manifestation of recycling and a great example of sustainability: they can also be art. Last summer I went to a local Quilt Show and I’m in awe of what modern quilters are up to.

For this week’s photo challenge “Threes” I’m picking photos I took of three fabulous quilts in the show. I’d never heard of “thread painting” but two of these are examples. Click on the images for attribution and for a closer look …

And an even closer look (I’m loving the frogs) —

I can’t resist including one more, the Baby-Dress Quilt:  I’ve been itching to share this one ever since I saw it. So many people stopped to study it that I had a hard time getting a photo without someone standing in front of it. Grandmothers everywhere, take note …

Baby Dress Quilt -- Lynn Fountain: A Quilt for Two Julias

Lynn Fountain: A Quilt for Two Julias

There were beautiful examples of traditional patchwork quilts in this show too, from new fabrics to vintage, and even flour sack prints (I have one of those from my grandmother).

I went to the show hoping to see some examples of re-purposing old quilts. No luck there, but I’ll be watching for the next show just to go and appreciate the work.

Now it’s time once again for me to contemplate – how shall I choose which of my own quilts to find new homes for?

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12 thoughts on “Quilts That Matter Part 2, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

  1. They are very much like art work in themselves aren’t they? Probably why they are called thread painting as it does look very much like a canvas. So clever. To have that skill – and patience and foresight is very commendable I think.

      • Aw thanks! How is the house-clearing going, by the way? I’ve seen lots of posts of your photos (which I am enjoying very much, by the way), but not so many on the decluttering… : p

      • It’s going pretty well but I wish I could go FASTER. I’ve even managed to sell a few things on eBay. I like the photo challenge because it keeps me interested and lets me feel a little bit creative and less into drudgery.

      • Yes (and thanks) it has to go on, but maybe I get too involved in finding the right homes for things, even junk, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. Right now I’m researching what to do with a big roll of carpet padding that was left in the basement when we moved in, and I think I’ve found a place that recycles it.

      • Well you know I’m all for finding places for things so they don’t end up in landfill! I think taking is slowly is good, it gives you time to let go – even if you didn’t think you needed time! It’s amazing how many emotions (good and bad) we attach to things. Plus the satisfaction of finding good homes for things is totally worth it! You must be pretty chuffed to find a place to take the carpet padding : )

        Also, if more people realised how hard it was to dispose of things responsibly, I think people would consume a whole lot less! So it’s good on a personal level, but also great that you share your experiences.

      • It’s good to hear from someone who understands. Usually its “why don’t you just throw it out and move on?” You are so right about how much less people would consume if they thought about eventualities. And yes, the carpet padding is a triumph. Now I want to find a place for wood scraps.

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