Donating Music, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Sometimes time passes so quickly it’s almost a blur, sort of like this street view  —

Street View: Early Morning on West Peachtree.

Street Life: early morning on West Peachtree.

The years go by in record time —  *segue alert* — speaking of which, I’ve been giving away records. That’s vinyl record albums, for the uninitate. Can you believe that after all this time I still had so many  left? Three tips of the iceberg:

Here’s how quickly time flies…   It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was playing these on the turntable of my stereo component set.

After record players came cassette decks, so of course we all replaced our favorite records with tapes. Then time flew on and we replaced those with CDs, with the wasteful result that people sometimes ended up with the same work in three formats.  Frustrated, I quit updating my stereo components and just listened in the car or on my computer until iPods came along.

One good thing about keeping my vinyl records so long: they’re back! Now there are people who actually want them. I just gave a friend’s niece two boxes full. Even my library is featuring them, so I’ll donate some to them too.

Here’s one I’m keeping. I always loved this “Brahms/Hedgehog” cover, so thanks to IKEA’s ready-made frames, I framed it:

Brahms' Hedgehog.

Brahms’ Hedgehog.

Hedgehog IMG_4879 The theory here is that Brahms favorite tavern in Vienna was called the Red Hedgehog.


Bob had lots of cassettes. I donated dozens of them a few years ago, and this week found these (mostly mine) tucked away in a cabinet. I’m not going to wait for hipsters to go cassette-crazy, I’ll just donate them now and trust that the right people will find them.  — and yes, in regard to Sounds from Norman Times, I like to think that, hundreds of years ago, the Normans sat around recording cassettes for archeologists to discover in the 1980’s.

Lots of cassettes -- I may have to listen to a few of them before donating.

I may have to listen to a few of these before I donate them.

Now time rushes forward to the next technology upgrade… 

Where do you think the music migration will go after the cloud? Will we have blue-sky music? 

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3 thoughts on “Donating Music, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

  1. Our still perfect car is so old that it has a cassette player. Not too long ago on a trip to Califiornia we took a box of cassettes and no CD’s and listened to them all the way. It was fun and I am not ready to give them away yet.

    • My 1990 pick-up (so handy for delivering donations!) has a cassette player too. I plan to listen to a couple of these before donating, I’d forgotten the Helen Nearing one, for example. But I don’t listen to music as much as I used to, and you’ve given me hope that there are others out there who might like to have my music cassettes.

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