Extra Suitcases, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

What do I take with me when I step over the threshold and leave my house? Why… my suitcase, of course.  Yep, here we go with the hoarder stuff again.

I went a little suitcase-mad lately and bought 2 new bags, so I’ve dragged out all the old ones for evaluation: something’s gotta go.

Suitcases on the threshold and a rainy day evolution of carry-on bags.

Suitcases on the threshold, ready for adventure. A rainy day and the evolution of carry-on bags.

Buying new luggage was a guilty pleasure I succumbed to because my old carry-on is getting hard to pull. Now I have a “spinner” that can fit sideways down an airplane aisle, and is easier to handle in the airport or the street. I also bought a weekend bag with a padded laptop section. As for such self-indulgence, at this point, if it makes life simpler and easier, that’s justification enough for me.

Now for a wallow in suitcase nostalgia:
The tan one on the left is full of doll clothes (!) — I found it in my mother’s closet after her death. She made these for my dolls when I was a child. I couldn’t bear to go through them then, and put them away in the top of the closet until today.

A suitcase full of doll clothes my mother made for me.

My dolls had clothes to match the ones she made for me.

I’m still not ready to sort out the doll clothes, I just peeked inside long enough to take this picture.

The next suitcase is an old (empty) one of Bob’s. The gray one third from the left is full of photos and papers some from 30+ years ago , and it’s a bit scary to realize it’s been with me, apparently unopened, through three moves. I’d forgotten it existed. The next was another of Bob’s early ones. I remember its presence in Greece, Belgium, Germany and France in our pass-riding days. I had a similar one, and a separate fold-out trolley to wheel it on, back before carry-on’s came with wheels. Next is a larger bag I bought once as part of a set, then Bob’s black roll-aboard, and my roll-aboard imitation.

My first wheeled carry-on is a missing link in this evolution of suitcases.  I couldn’t find it, so I must have donated it already. Like the new spinner bags, it fit the narrow way down an airplane aisle. It also fit under the seat in front of me (seats were bigger). It had a handle like a leash and followed behind me, making it a hazard in crowds.

I can think of two reasons to keep old suitcases around:

  1. It’s good to have a spare one just in “case” (sorry) the current one malfunctions or gets lost.
  2. They’re handy receptacles for accumulating loads of things you’re getting ready to take away. I’ve already used and delivered three with one-way loads of mementos taken to family members in other states.

And by the way there is a third reason, maybe not to keep old suitcases, but at least to look them over fondly before donating them — we’ve been through some great adventures together, east and west and a good way around the planet. Some have even been lost, and found their way home from their own incredible journeys… so, now, “goodbye extra suitcases, may you find happy new homes.”

What’s your best use for extra suitcases?

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8 thoughts on “Extra Suitcases, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

    • Skyway sounds familiar. I think that’s right (I’m surprised I let it go – I loved that suitcase & carried it for years, even if it did trip people up when the airports got more crowded). Did they have built-in combo locks? Maybe that’s the other reason I retired it. … sorry to hear about yours.

  1. Oh, I do love suitcase stories! Maybe your missing one was broken and therefore discarded. My carry on cracked in the underneath part just as I was considering buying a spinner. I was able to replace it guilt-free, the best kind of purchases.

    • It’s true the missing one was a long time favorite. I can “see” it around here, but yet it’s not here. I don’t know when I might have donated it. I’m sure it wasn’t broken. Until BJ commented I’d forgotten it had its own lock. That would make it harder to use nowadays. Aren’t the spinners lovely though? It’s so easy to stroll along with it upright beside me (instead of tilted like the old one), and let it take the weight of my shoulder bag.

    • Of course… and it’s the one I need to embrace most often, though while I’m still sorting out, it’s nice, and cheaper than postage, to have one I can pack full of stuff to deliver (and not have to fuss with bringing it home). — and from that sentence it looks like I’ve been hoarding punctuation marks and I’m now gleefully getting rid of them all at once.

  2. My sister and I share one and we use it to haul back the items from our shopping sprees when we visit. Small stuff. We’ve actually shipped some of the larger items! (i.e. I shipped some beautiful Mexican pottery that would not make the flight.) But that is very rare. She and I love to shop for Christmas during visits to each others homes. You know, those smaller stocking stuffer things at boutique’s, craft stores, and such. So we pass that suitcase back and forth on flights just for that. It’s been a real moneysaver!

    • Funny, now that I’m cleaning out the basement I found yet another suitcase — haven’t got into it yet though. Pretty soon I’ll have enough to make furniture out of them. But you are right, they are handy for hauling. — thanks for commenting!

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