My Basement, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

What do Stonehenge, the Sphinx, the Mona Lisa, and my basement have in common? I’m hoping that the job of cleaning out my basement is a little like visiting those monuments: once I actually get to it, I’ll find out it’s not as big as I thought.

Haven't you always imagined Stonehenge was bigger?

Sam and I stopped at Stonehenge on a trip to the UK. “That’s it?” he said, “I thought it would be bigger.”

Perhaps this Stonehenge/basement-monumentality thing is a stretch, but consider: I first went to Stonehenge back when tourists could walk among the stones, so I know how big it is. Now the massive stones are roped off, always in the distance. Viewed objectively, they don’t look as big. As for my basement, I was here before it got filled up. I saw the collection of stuff grow to hugeness, and worried and fretted the entire time. I still put off going down there whenever I can, so it’s built up in my mind now, like a monument in my imagination. It’s hard for me to see it as it is.

Sometimes I get discouraged that it’s taking me so long to clear out the house.  In my last few posts, I wrote about sorting cassette tapes and suitcases. I was having fun with that. Then, a few days ago I found yet another trove of cassettes. Yesterday I found two more suitcases…  I’m getting a bad case of when-will-it-end syndrome.

Even more cassette tapes.

Even more cassette tapes.

On the bright side, among that last batch of cassettes were three boxed sets that looked so good that I tried listing them on, and I’ve already sold one (a Pavarotti/Freni (La Boheme).

Mona Lisa (photo courtesy of Web Gallery of Art)

Mona Lisa (photo courtesy of Web Gallery of Art)

So, I continue to pick away at my monumental job … Perhaps I need to concentrate on developing that other great quality of monuments:  patience.

P.S. Do you know how big the Mona Lisa is?


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8 thoughts on “My Basement, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. Great post! We thought the same thing when we first saw the Tower of Pisa! So small? I guess the stories around monuments some how builds up them up in our minds. And just like you said, we can do the same with jobs we need to tackle! Good luck on the basement!

  2. I’m sure that Stonehenge is bigger than it looks in your photo! Are you sure it isn’t way way back in the background?! The sphinx was the size I’d expect. I’ve never seen the Mona Lisa, but I know it’s meant to be small. As for your basement… How big is it actually?! I think the only picture I’ve ever seen is when you repainted the stairs leading down!

    • Well now that you mention it, Stonehenge is in the background, but not as far as you’d think. I’ve read that they’re changing the approach and it will be more secluded, away from the main expressway, so that will help a lot. — What a good idea to measure my basement. That may inspire me (it’s the size of the house minus the garage and breakfast room, so maybe it will seem smaller if I see the numbers).

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  4. Mona Lisa is much larger than people say it is. The ‘problem’ is that it sits in that huge room surrounded by these massive scale paintings. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to pick up Mona Lisa but would need help.

    • Yes, and it’s roped off too, which keeps it in the distance. Different online sources list slightly different sizes, still, I found I had it built up in my imagination to be larger than life.Thanks for the comment!

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