What’s This Doing in My Closet? and the Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I said I wouldn’t clean out the closets yet, but sometimes I have to go on expedition to find things. Here’s something I accidentally uncovered this week: it’s hard to imagine being on the move while wearing these.

A big deal back in the 60's: I think these were my first high heels: pointy toes and three inch heels!

A big deal back in the 60’s: I think these were my first high heels.

Yes, I’m horrified. Partly because I still have them (I thought about this and I think I found them in my mother’s things so let’s blame her, OK?)… but also I’m horrified that I ever had them in the first place. What to do with them now? Halloween springs to mind.  Or since they look so moldy-oldie, maybe a Zombie Mad Men party? Dragon Con?

A few weeks ago I went closet-diving and came up with something more useful. Money, or rather, a money equivalent…

Vintage Traveler's Checks and a little foreign currency.

Vintage traveler’s checks, and old passport, and a sampling of currency. Uh-oh. I just realized I still have the blouse I’m wearing in this photo.

Check out the 80’s hair… come to think of it, we wore heels (but lower ones) with our “dress for success” look back then. I wonder if the traveler’s checks are from the same geological time period? I’m planning to cash them for my next trip, something to help me when I’m on the move. As for the paper money, I know from experience that it’s too old to exchange except at specific banks in the countries of origin.

Two hundred dollars isn’t a bad haul for a little closet-sorting project. Maybe I should try it more often. Everything I get sorted out and donated or disposed of makes me feel lighter, freer, one step closer and on the move toward to my goal.

Three inch heels from the 1960s, what a sight I must have been teetering around on these.

What a sight I must have been teetering around on these.

Here’s another view of those heels… 3-inch heels were as high as they came back then. I’ve seen women wearing what look like 5 or 6 inch platform heels recently. Maybe in a few decades they’ll clean out their closets and do a “what was I thinking?” blog too.

What’s the best thing you’ve found when cleaning out a closet, and what shoes do you wear when you’re ‘on the move’?

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12 thoughts on “What’s This Doing in My Closet? and the Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

  1. What a find your blog is! One of the most, if not THE most, original ideas for a blog I’ve ever come across. Your rules are inspirational. As for shoes on the move, it’s got to be trainers or flats. I really admire the way you’re incorporating WordPress challenges while staying true to the focus of your blog. Genius! Great to meet you here and best wishes! – Josephine

    • Josephine, thank you so much! I was feeling a bit down and out today until I saw your comment. — Thanks for keeping me going — Sandy
      Oh, and it’s flats for me too, I love to look at fancy shoes but life is too short to walk in them.

  2. What a coincidence – I just found 3 pairs of shoes this morning that I am going to try to sell as I have hardly worn them. One pair is too high, one pair is too big and one pair has a heel is just like in your picture and is impossible to walk in. I’m going to go and search my wardrobe now to see if I can find some cash and travellers’ cheques as well!!!

    • I wonder how many of us have pairs of killer-heel shoes like that tucked away? I hope you get to sell them — I’m thinking that I have some vintage “Earth Shoes” somewhere, maybe they’re collectors items by now. If I could find them I’d try selling them. Best regards on finding some cash or checks too — Sandy

  3. On the go shoes for me are running shoes, since I have twin five year olds I need all the help I can get. I am actually in the process of the last closet purge of our downsizing project, and I found the floor! Funny how great it feels to live in a small space – enjoyed your post.

    • Lucky you to already be in a smaller space. That’s my goal. I just have to shrink-to-fit first. Sounds like you get your exercise with twins, that’s a good thing! Thanks for reading and commenting — Sandy

  4. It’s always fun cleaning out the closet, isn’t it? Don’t be too embarrassed about those shoes! I’m sure they served you well in the past and they have their own story to tell! Whenever I clean my closet, I get very excited – as I know I will discover “new”, forgotten clothes…once I discovered a thousand dollars underneath a pile of shirts in an envelope. Imagine my joy 😀 A good pair of runners is all I need to get around. No need to worry too much about tripping over!

    • Wow! A thousand dollars is a great reason to clean out the closet. And you are right about the forgotten clothes, sometimes there’s a useful part of our past that’s been completely forgotten (there’s a metaphor in there somewhere). Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • That’s so true – “part of our past that’s been completely forgotten”. And that can be relived by cleaning out closet, and us reflecting on how far we’ve come and what we’ve learnt. Looking forward to see what else you find 🙂

      • I’ve been a bit discouraged lately so I’d love to find something that gives me the feeling of seeing how far I’ve come. I hope to do that, and hope you can too! Thanks — Sandy

  5. Sandy, God bless you and your blog! I do need to get rid of my clutter!!! I know it’s feasible. For starters I must spend less time online, then I’ll have more time for de-cluttering. Perhaps I should make myself report to my journal, a special De-cluttering Diary. Cheers 🙂 Irina

    • I’ve been thinking I should do a “weekly status report” sort of like I did at the office. It sounds rigid, but it might work. Blogging helps me keep on track too, but then, I’m also spending time blogging. — Sandy

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