Tally 31 Boxes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Who knew I’d  have an extra plumbing adventure so soon after my water heater experience? In the basement last week, pulling out more boxes, I was surprised to see a few looked damp.  Then I felt something on my hair (spider alert?), brushed my hand through it, and felt a drop of water —  panic — where did that come from? Then I looked up…

Pinhole leak in copper pipe in my basement.

This may have been leaking for weeks, just a drop every few minutes.

I was lucky. This could have gone on until it got much worse. In the above photo you can see a patch where a similar thing was repaired a few years ago. When it happened before, the pinhole leak resulted in a fine spray that was nearly invisible unless seen against the light, so that’s the kind of thing I looked for when I checked the basement since then.

Meanwhile, the plumber found this extra place to repair, not leaking yet, but soon…

Copper pipe with another leak in the making.

Here’s what to look for, a blue-green spot is an extra leak in the making.


Once, I thought I’d get the basement cleaned out by bringing a box up every time I went down there. The result, of course — I quit going to the basement. That’s until I got started on the books that are stored there, and that kept me working, albeit slowly.

Trouble is, I’m annoyingly meticulous and feel I have to look at everything. Here’s an example…

Bob's maps and travel brochres.

Bob’s maps and travel brochures… oh the places he’s been. There are still a box or two of these left; why can’t I just dump them straight into the recycle bin without looking?

 The damp got some of my art posters — I had more packed away than I remembered — but I’ve sorted out the dry ones, plus a hefty packet of art-reproduction postcards, for an art teacher friend to use. Now I’m moving on to magazines.  My favorite so far is the cover of MS, December 1972:

“Peace on earth, good will to people.”

Quote-wise, the one that sprang to mind the night I found the leak was Dorothy Parker:

“What fresh hell is this?”

Don’t forget to check your pipes, and, tell me… What extra things are hiding in your basement?

Here’s more on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

6 thoughts on “Tally 31 Boxes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

  1. Oh how I swoon at all those maps – I love maps! There some great craft activities I’d like to try, but I can’t seem to find ‘oldish’ maps when I look in second hand stores etc.

  2. Glad you found the leak. You wouldn’t want to go down to the basement one day and suddenly find that you have a new swimming pool. Oh, yes. I’m like you, always looking through all the stuff I pull out of my boxes and closet – books, clothes, magazines…the hours go by so quickly that really, there is always none left to pack and clean up as we’ve planned.

    • So true about the hours flying by. I’ve spent days going through just a few boxes. I’m glad I’m not the only one — but look at it this way, we’ll never be bored! Thanks for reading and commenting — Sandy (and yes, the swimming pool nightmare, I can relate to that)

    • My neighbors 2 doors down have had the pinhole leaks too, and in a finished area. At least mine (so far!) are in the open basement. The plumber also said it’s been a problem in this area — so, check your pipes.

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