Modern Atlanta Homes Tour – 2014, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

On the weekend between my recent plumbing difficulties, Sam and I toured 10 houses on the Modern Atlanta Homes Tour. Here’s a peek at one — this is a walkway between upstairs rooms.

Walkway between upstairs rooms, Modern Atlanta Homes Tour

Fabulous except when you’re barefoot (ouch) … or, um, wearing a skirt.

Searching for the right term for this structure, I found myself calling it a catwalk. Then I realized why… here’s a detail in the library, just to the left —

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour: cat bookends in the library.

Cat bookends!

I love the round lamps too, a nice echo of the windows in the living room below. Here’s a view to the right of the catwalk —

Modern Atlanta homes tour  - catwalk and living room.

Catwalk and living room.

 I’m just now winding up on donating and recycling stuff I sorted out when unpacking boxes from the last few weeks working on my basement, and almost ready to start my next round of unpacking. Seeing these sleek and modern (not to mention uncluttered) homes was just the eye-candy I needed to:

  1. clean my palate, and
  2. inspire me to keep working.

Still, if you’re like me, you’ve got to wonder “where do they keep their junky stuff?” Maybe there’s a junk-room not open to the guests on the tour? Or do I dare to dream they don’t have any, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a junk-less home in my own future?

Modern Atlanta Homes Tour - living room with circles and light.with circles

Don’t you love this room — full of color and light and rhyming circles, plus, it’s a room that’s a bridge between indoors and out.

 I’m eager to share my other photos from this tour, so if you like tours as much as I do, stay tuned. Hint: if there’s an upcoming photo challenge for “Bookshelves”, I’m ready. Here’s a preview — can you find the other cat bookend?

Modern Atlanta Tour - loving a library with a ladder.

Another cat bookend, and, can you tell how much I love a library with a ladder?

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10 thoughts on “Modern Atlanta Homes Tour – 2014, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

    • Ah yes, and shoes were left at the door, so crossing was a bit challenging. But oh, my clutter, you can’t imagine– so glad to get the last load of recycled paper and boxes dried out and delivered yesterday — now to clean up and start again…

  1. Modern homes. They’re always funkily designed, and you’re right, that catwalk does look like it’ll hurt your bare feet. To be honest, that catwalk there makes the house look a bit like an office. But then looking at the bookcase, it feels homely… Like you, I do wonder if people who own modern homes have junk. Maybe they sold it all to buy such grand houses 😀

    • Some of the houses on the tour were huge and somewhat stark and impersonal. This one had a lot of color, and the friendly round windows, (and as you said, the books!) that made it more homey. But the catwalk, you are right, it is more like an office, perhaps it’s because it’s metal. As for me, I’m still dreaming the dream of a junkless future.

      • That blue sofa is particularly catching and it does look inviting…much more than my blue sofa (couch) at home. Yeah, I think it’s the metal too that gives the catwalk a cold, out of place look. I would want a junkless house. Less dusting, less cleaning, more room for jumping around.

      • My take on cleaning: I’ve long wanted a kitchen with a brick floor and a drain in the corner, so I could just hose everything down. (not that I’ve ever seen one, but it sounds great) I don’t like to dust either!

      • When I was living in Singapore and Malaysia, a lot of the kitchens in homes were made of tiles and there would always be this drain hole – made for what you described. I suppose this is more common in countries where it’s hotter so the water on the floor dries faster.

        Dusting, that always makes me sneeze 😀

      • And the drains would be especially good for times with plumbing problems. Here, not even the basement floors have drains. Sounds like I’m living in the wrong part of the world.

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