Squirrels Win, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

When it comes to endurance and the persistence of species, I’m pretty sure it’s the rodents who’ll triumph in the end.

One day a few autumns ago I was sitting at my desk writing when I heard a noise at the window.  You can tell I had to be quick with the camera — that inquiring nose is not quite in focus.

Squirrel looks in the upstairs window.

It wasn’t until later that I noticed all the upstairs window frames had bite marks on them.

I thought this was pretty cute until I investigated and saw the places where the window sills and the siding over the garage had been chewed up. See the holly next to the house? It’s history now, along with some overhanging tree branches. I expect the squirrels can get up the side of the house without any help, but why make the trip so easy?

The contractor who came to fix and paint insisted on installing a fake owl on the roof. “It’ll scare the squirrels away,” he said.

Fake roof-owl for scaring squirrels.

Would this look scare you away? (assuming you wanted to eat the house)

“Hah!” I said, “But OK, as long as you don’t put it in front.” The owl endures too, ‘watching’ from the roof of the back porch. And, to be fair, the squirrels haven’t eaten much siding lately, but then, there’s a vocal family of real owls just across the street, so maybe they’re helping too.

As for me, I’m still trying to persist in downsizing, but some days I’m short on endurance.

Wish me luck?


Meanwhile, here’s an owl serenade from my front yard:

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18 thoughts on “Squirrels Win, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. This is a very cute post, Sandy. Quick hands you have there, capturing the squirrel in action at the window – very clear shot too. Do you feed the animals that come into your yard? When I lived in the suburbs as a kid, my parents always warned my against feeding them. If I did, then more and more of the animals would come and hound the house. That owl looks menacing 😀

    • I don’t intentionally feed the animals, but sometimes I see someone has dug in the compost and I realize I need to bury it better. Feeding the animals around here would lead to the animals trying even harder to come indoors, (your parents are right) and I’d have to get even more menacing owls. My neighbor used to put out treats for the raccoons. She especially liked to feed them yogurt, and I’d find the little cups all over the place when I cleaned up the back yard.

    • I do love making mini-movies. I need to be more vigilant about taking my camera though — a couple of times when we were out walking earlier this summer, owls flew out and sat in the trees close by. I love the way they look, and turn their heads.

    • That’s the thing with a suburban house — it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy nature, but it does have a way of encroaching. (I still love the night-noises, as long as they stay out of the attic)

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