Coming Home, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Night time

Sam and I got home last night from a trip to Amsterdam.  When I went out for a walk in my home neighborhood today, I caught myself thinking “but where are the canals?” and “Why don’t I hear the tram?” and most of all “Where shall I stop for coffee?”

Amsterdam canal - coming back from dinner at De Bolhoed on Prinsengracht

Amsterdam canal – coming back from dinner at De Bolhoed on Prinsengracht

Amsterdam canal

Oh how I love being a tourist.

I’m hoping that a vacation cleared my palate and gave me inspiration to get more done now that I’m home. But for today, I’m still getting over being spoiled by going out to breakfast every morning, having a cappucchino every afternoon, seeing the Ruisdael sky above, and in general spending every day learning something. It takes a little time to get out of that wonderful vacation groove.

I’m always surprised by how different home looks after time away. As for downsizing, I made an effort to get a load of accumulated donations delivered the day before leaving, so it doesn’t actually look too bad around here. But this is a short post, since our flight arrived home late in the nighttime and today is the first day back.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

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15 thoughts on “Coming Home, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Night time

    • Thank you — I need those gentle wishes. (I just had to make my own coffee, what a come-down) On the bright side, I re-activated some things I hadn’t sold yet on eBay and restarted my amazon book-selling account, so let the out-flow begin!

  1. Amsterdam looks gorgeous, Sandy. Sounds like you had a great time taking in the sights, sounds and food, and you took things at your leisure – and that’s how we enjoy ourselves 🙂 Oh yes, things seem so different when you get back home. The colour of your walls, the carpet on the feet, your blanket…all seem so alien on that first day or night back.

    I really don’t know what is my favourite place to vacation. I’ve only been to a handful of places in my life so far. Sometimes I just like to pick a quiet spot and plug in my earphones and bam, I’m some place else 🙂

    • Sam has high hopes for virtual-reality touring in our lifetime. Me, I wanna BE there. But, I noticed not long ago that there are websites where you can view the flights of photo-drones and zoom through your favorite city. If you haven’t already, check, for example, or just google ‘drone flight through (your city)’ I’ve seen photo-tours of some museums too, example: there was one of the old Barnes Collection in Philadelphia to commemorate where pictures were hung in the original house before the collection was moved to the new building. I’ll say one thing for headphones and drones over actual touring: it saves a lot of frustration-by-airline-seat. (but then – I’d have to make my own coffee) — thanks for commenting.

      • Being in the moment can’t compare to sitting behind a computer and trying to experience something new. That is an interesting site, thanks for sharing. Something close-to-the-moment.

        But sometimes we can’t be there due to one reason or another – expenses, time, weather…and in these instances it would probably be most convenient to view them from afar 🙂

      • Yes there are way too many reasons that real-life travel has to wait: for years when I was an airline employee I had free flights, but not enough vacation to use them very often. Now I have time but no free flights so the trips have to be budgeted. Here’s hoping we all get more chances to go, both real-time and virtually. I love seeing new places and learning more about the world, and now that I think about it, that’s a really good thing computers have done for us.

      • Ah, I always thought airline employees were able to use up their free flights. Perhaps that isn’t so unless you are a crew on board flights. I suppose it’s best to travel virtually than not travel at all – we can always learn that way (I touch a bit on this in my upcoming blog post this week!).

        Very kind of you to wish us well traveling geographically. You never know. Tomorrow one of us might win a free holiday or something. You just never know 🙂

      • I’ve been back a few days now and I’m still feeling jet-lagged, so I think that the crew must be really hardy souls to be flying all the time. But — let’s hold that thought about winning a free holiday – wouldn’t that be great!

    • We had a great time, Ms Travel Agent, and your hotel choice was perfect. I’m going to write you a FB post when I get a chance to go through some photos. Thanks again! (oh but I do miss having airline passes — coach can be perilous)

  2. Amsterdam will do. By coincidence today is the first day we can book Delta’s newly inaugurated non-stop Salt Lake-Amsterdam flight with the return date we want. We will spend time today looking at it. Then comes the decision as to whether we should take an apartment in Amsterdam for the summer. Glad you got to go.


    • Oh my, a whole summer, I can only imagine how much fun that would be. Watch out for your booking when the time comes to travel. Either DL or KLM (it was a shared flight) switched our seat assignments on us without warning and apparently without remorse. Has that happened to you? We’re starting to plan for next year too — is there an advantage to booking so far ahead?

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