Three Signs, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Taking the ‘signs’ challenge literally, here’s one of my favorites. It’s from a drive in the country on my visit to the mid-west last summer.

"No Trespassing, We're Tired of Hiding the Bodies"Sign, south of Albany MO

A country construction site: be careful, they’re ruthless out there.

Here’s another sign. This one’s from our trip last week. It might be helpful for those of us who are de-cluttering if every city had this option.

Amsterdam mail slot,  NEE for NO junk mail.

Amsterdam mail slot: “No” to junk mail.

We’re told these stickers, just above the mail slots in the doors in Amsterdam, mean ‘NO’ to junk mail. (In the unlikely event that you want junk mail, the sign would day “JA”) Here, has worked well for me on cutting down the number of catalogs I receive, but there are still some junk mail lists I can’t seem to get away from. Although I don’t see how this solution would get rid of junk mail at the source, it would cut way down on individual annoyance. Oh and by the way… I did look, and saw very few “JA” signs.

But now that I’m home, I’m looking for a sign of what to work on next. First, I’ll recycle my Amsterdam tour books (well cared for, maps intact) by listing them for resale on Amazon – hey, it worked well for our Copenhagen and Vancouver books last year.

 Now back to the mid-west…

Missouri Rainbow

It’s too far away for the pot ‘o gold to be in my basement, but maybe it’s in my brother’s.

 Could this rainbow be one last sign? (definitely more hopeful)

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15 thoughts on “Three Signs, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  1. LOL. Love the first sign, Sandy. It’s as if something big and bad came and tried to rip off the sign. No wonder people should be careful there 😀 Ah, those junk mail catologue things. I receive them quite a bit since I live in an area close to the city. Coupons usually come with them, but usually for pizza and all that junk food, and I throw those books out almost immediately.

    • Oh, you’re right about the ripped off part — I didn’t think of that. Now I’m thinking “monster” — who knows what’s out there in the country. And coupons. They can be useful, but the ones I do use (and appreciate) I can get at the store, so those mailers are wasted paper, wasted time.

      • Be careful, Sandy. Even things can go ‘bump’ in the day! Compared to a bustling town or city, there is more chance of us getting lost and into trouble without anyone hearing about it.

        So true. Those mail coupons are indeed a waste of resources. Enticing us to buy things we don’t need too.

      • oooo – I love “bump in the day” and, it’s almost Halloween, so spookiness rules. (also speaking of things we shouldn’t buy, I’m always attracted to the spider jewelry in the Halloween displays)

      • Eeek, I don’t like spiders. Halloween isn’t that big of a celebration here in Australia. Will be looking forward to being entertained by all the Halloween decor and costume photos in the blog world towards the end of the month 🙂

      • I have to admit, I learned to like spiders. Halloween here is blown all out of proportion — I saw decorations in the shop windows back in August. Beware, the madness may be coming your way.

      • Halloween madness coming my way? I hope not. Last week I saw Christmas chocolate on the shelves at my local grocery store…so maybe the festive madness has come my way already…

      • I am so amazed by the popularity of Halloween here. People decorate their yards as elaborately for Halloween as they do for Christmas. In my neighborhood there are three houses quite close together that have huge animatronic spiders — one’s on the roof! It’s fun to see all the decorations, but I wonder how people store all those things between holidays.

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