Amsterdam Orange, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

One of the first things we noticed on our trip this fall was how all things orange tend to converge in Amsterdam. Waiting for departure in the Atlanta airport, I noticed a well-dressed woman in orange tights and shoes to match. A closer look: her glasses frames were orange too. “What’s up with that?” I wondered.

Sam got it right away. “It’s the House of Orange,” he said. And he was right. Orange is the color of the Royal Family, dating back to William of Orange.

Oranges in a cafe window in Amsterdam

No, I’m too polite to take photos of women in airports (so far at least)… but here are some oranges from a cafe window in Amsterdam.

This is a lazy post, necessary after a holiday week visiting family — when hoarders come home they have to get busy un-hoarding, right?

But before I get back to this week’s clean-up tasks I’ll include this Gallery of Orange. This format may not translate well to email, so if you’re reading that way and you have time, please click through to the website for a better look.

 Have a great week and don’t forget, wherever you are, watch out for the harmonic convergence of color. Have you seen a color convergence lately?

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13 thoughts on “Amsterdam Orange, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

  1. Ooooo. Orange everywhere. I love the colour orange. It’s so bright and cheery. I hope you didn’t get tired of seeing the colour everywhere you went on your trip, Sandy. For some of us, I think it’s hard to wear a bright orange shirt confidently. I don’t know, it’s just such a striking colour. I have an oranage shirt at home (brighter than the orange Holland shirt in your photos) and rarely wear it…partly because each time I wash it, it bleeds colour very badly 😉

    • All that orange is something I didn’t know about before going, so it intrigued me. Like you though, I wouldn’t often wear it (especially if it bled). Still, I’m wishing I’d taken a picture of the lady in the airport who was wearing orange tights and orange high heels.

      • I hope you the orange wasn’t too blinding for you that you had to pull out your sunglasses 😀 I would have loved to see a photo of that lady decked out in orange. Who knows, you might see her again someday. The world is a small place.

        I like wearing bright tops, though. Usually aim to pear it with dark pants so I don’t look like a walking rainbow.

      • Oh but I love my sunglasses — any excuse to wear them is a good one, orange or not. Our color preferences go in cycles. I remember how I used to love to use bright orange and hot pink together in paintings. Right now orange is not so “hot” but I’ve seen some examples in housewares, and as my friend in Tennessee reminded me lately, it’s not only Amsterdam that’s orange in sports jerseys.

  2. Love this, Sandy. Brilliant photos and the colour orange is one of my favourites. Must take more heed of convergence. That said, I’ve been noticing pink all over the garden this last few days.

    • Oh, pink in the garden in December? You are fortunate. The only plant-color in my yard comes from the pot of pansies by the door. The midwest was windswept winter tan with bare trees already. Here in the south we’re still losing our leaves. My garden job today is raking and adding to the leaf-mountain by the compost bins. Enjoy that pink —

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