Still Selling Used Books, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

There were no shadows in the pea-soup fog we’ve had outside the last two days. So, I’ll take the shadow challenge literally and use the cover of my most recent book sale: Colonial Survey, by Murray Leinster.

Colonial Survey, by Murray Leinster

Cover detail: it’s a little disturbing that this 1957 cover looks like it could be ripped from current headlines.

Have I mentioned how much I love vintage sci-fi covers? When I find books like this I always want to keep them just for the cover art. This cover is by Wallace Wood (1927-1981), an American comic book artist, book and magazine illustrator, and independent publisher.

I had a good sale day: two books on amazon and a sweater on eBay, plus I’ve been delivering donations and making progress on clearing out. I’ll celebrate by sharing a few more book covers. These shadowy illustrations come from the books I haven’t listed for sale… yet. I’m saving them for last because I like looking at them.

Splinter of the Minds Eye

1978: Cover art by Ralph McQuarrie… early Star Wars tie-in. Lord Vader poses before what appears to be a nice Arts-and-Crafts style forest.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, cover art by Ben Feder

1960: Why is it always the women who have no clothes? (besides house-elves that is) Cover art by Ben Feder.

A Mile Beyond the Moon, cover by Remy Charlip

1958: Moonshadows! Cover art by Remy Charlip.

The Man Who Missed the War

I can’t imagine where Bob found this 1946 British edition. I couldn’t find an attribution for this cover art. It’s my favorite though… I think this artist and Russian artist & designer Alexander Rodchenko may have been separated at birth.

Facial Justice, cover art by Vera Bock

No wait — maybe this one is my favorite. The floating face in the foreground and the light in the distance, snapping us back to the picture plane — brilliant. 1961 edition, Facial Justice, cover art by Vera Bock.

That’s all for today. Now it’s back to the bookshelf for me…

Have you ever judged a book by its cover?


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