Spare Room Makeover, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Where have all the Browncoats gone? The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the weekly challenge serenity was my DragonCon T-shirt.

Firefly/Serenity T shirt

“Firefly” is a long time ago now… why do I still have this shirt?

But there’s more than one kind of serenityso, back to ‘coming clean’. Here’s a peek at my guest bedroom, the one that used to function as a big closet. (sorry, no “before” photos from the big-closet days — this is a “during” so it’s sort-of cleaned out in these photos)

Spare room blahs

The “during” room …

Spare Bedroom blahs

Spare Bedroom blahs

Yuck, right? I inherited this walnut bed and dresser from my maternal grandmother. I’ve had it since I was a child. I wanted it to have some color around it.

Here’s Sam painting the ceiling for me. Tall guys do ceilings. Short women do walls.

Sam paints the ceiling

The patch of blue is the future for the walls. And, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde: either that ceiling fan goes or I do.

Bob used this room as a big closet. He archived his clothing here, including most of the suits and ties he’d ever worn, back (I think) to the 70s, plus the extra khakis he was saving for his retirement. Maybe it’s only natural that I felt like a traitor when I started giving them away. It felt like giving away my last connection to him, but however hard, eventually its the only sane choice.  Admission: there may be a few things left in the closet… I must get to that now that I’ve remembered.

Once I finally parted with his clothes, I tended to use the room for storage too, just for different stuff.  It’s been a useful space to sort out donations, accumulating them until I had a load to deliver.

Here it is after I finally finished painting and got it cleaned up and rearranged.

Blue bedroom

Blue bedroom. Now I need a guest.

Total investment:  2 gallons of blue paint, 1 gallon of white paint, time (thank you Sam), and the two blue linen pillow cases that I put over the headboard to lighten it up. Oh wait — and a new white window-blind.

As for storage: the books-for-sale bookshelf is to the right, stock still dwindling.

What does this have to do with serenity? Well, I was hoping the blue walls would provide some.

How’d I do?

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33 thoughts on “Spare Room Makeover, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

  1. I believe you totally nailed this one. Love the blue, in the last picture it almost looks a lavender-blue. Pretty color & really like the rearranged bed. Amazing what a difference paint can do. Don’t see the ceiling fan in the final picture – did you take it down & if so, what did you put it in its place?

    • Ah, the ceiling fan. I cheated and just framed the photo without it. I’ve been looking for an affordable plain white replacement, or maybe replacement blades and globe, but have yet to find either. The old one is really dated but I have some guilt about replacing something that works, especially when the mechanism is probably better quality than a new one. Would I still need to feel guilt if I donate the old one? Thanks for commenting! — Sandy

    • I looked at Home Depot a while back and they didn’t have the right size. I need to pursue whether I can order them somewhere. I just had a good suggestion in a comment — paint them. I need to see if I can find a replacement globe too.

    • The actors used to come to DragonCon here in Atlanta — they’ve all moved on now of course. Mark Sheppard, who played Badger, was especially interesting, and hearing him was my first introduction to Battlestar Galactica. He played Romo, and that’s back when fans were carrying signs saying “More Romo”, wanting his character in more episodes.

  2. What a lovely transformation, Sandy. I love the lighter colour vibe of the spare room now, it certainly looks inviting and similar to those of some small bed-and-breakfast places. The bright green plant is a nice touch too, breaking up the whiteness of the room. I would suggest maybe put a stuffed animal on the bed, then I think everyone – or at least kids – will be jumping to sleep on the bed 🙂

    It would still be great to use the room for storage, though. No need to waste space. Great job.

    • Thanks Mabel. I do have a stuffed animal somewhere, and also a cabbage patch doll. I was thinking of putting the doll on eBay (I won it in a writing contest once). I’m on an eBay roll this week– maybe something for a future blog. Thanks for commenting! – Sandy

      • So lucky that you won a competition. Those things rarely happen to me. Maybe put that doll on eBay. Who knows, it may fetch a bit…perhaps a lucky doll. eBay roll, that sounds interesting. Perhaps you’re good at marketing and selling stuff…sort of similar to what you did to the spare room 🙂

      • It’s a cute doll but they’re not bringing much on eBay, at least not right now. eBay takes more time to list and keep track of than amazon, but they don’t keep as big a percentage of the sale. I haven’t taken the doll out of its box, which is supposed to help in value… so, we’ll see. I checked out a library book called “How to Write Anything” and can you believe it even has a chapter on writing good eBay descriptions!

      • I had no idea Amazon takes more from the sales. Interesting to know. Very wise of you to have kept your doll in the box. You might be able to put the initial price fairly high 😀 That sounds like an interesting book. I hope it has given you some pointers for your next item on eBay!

      • By this time I think I could write my own book about being an amateur seller on amazon. EBay, I’m still learning. The book has an interesting chapter on blog posts — I’m hoping to improve! Thanks Mabel — Sandy

  3. The name of your blog attracted me to it. That’s what I need to do. The Blue room looks positively serene. Congratulations on the achievement! Top marks. I will be studying your posts in Clutter Control. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers 🙂 Irina

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