My Vintage Miss Piggy Fantasy Calendar, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I’d forgotten I was a Miss Piggy fan in my former life (who, moi?). I must have expressed myself at the office, and after that, people brought me Miss Piggy gifts for my desk and bulletin board. I found this 1981 calendar when I cleared some boxes out of the basement last summer. Here’s the glamor-pig on a fantasy Harper’s Bazaar cover…

Piggy Harper's Bazaar Cover

See the little Kermits on her scarf?

The theme here is a magazine cover for each month. Since I’m a sci-fi fan, of course I like this Omni cover. Omni ceased publication in 1998… hmm, I’ve found several vintage magazines so far, maybe I’ll find a real Omni magazine in one of my other boxes.

Miss Piggy OMNI cover

Look at the lower right — is that a planet or a froggy eyeball?

I was in danger of tossing this calendar into the recycling bin when I thought:  “Oh what the heck”, and listed it on Amazon. That was a few months ago. Today, it sold!  I sent it off to its new home, still amazed that someone wanted it, and grateful to the 21st Century that there’s such a simple way to share it.

And by the way, that anti-gravity miracle weight-loss method sounds interesting, yes?

Here’s Miss Piggy on a Life cover…

Miss Piggy Life Magazine cover

(Detail) Miss Piggy with her froggy fans…

Two vintage Life magazines with stamp articles on the covers

It’s time to admit I did find some “real” Life magazines, so why not Omni? I’m pretty sure these belonged to Bob’s father, who was a stamp collector.

Now back to Miss Piggy… Wouldn’t it be fun to have a job making up stuff like this? Here’s a detail of Christmas a la the Saturday Evening Post.

Miss Piggy Saturday Evening Post cover

Do you see the Frog in this picture?

Miss Piggy Christmas Tree Angel

A closer look: Miss Piggy gets to be her own Christmas Tree angel.

 Now I’m wondering if Miss Piggy was the Hello Kitty of yester-year. What do you think?

For more on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

In case you were never a fan: Miss Piggy Muppet Wiki

Oh dear, she has a Facebook page

And here is some famous Miss Piggy wisdom. Take that Hello Kitty.


8 thoughts on “My Vintage Miss Piggy Fantasy Calendar, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

  1. Miss Piggy the yesteryear of Hello Kitty – now that is certainly an interesting thought. I’ve never been crazy about Miss Piggy, but I do have a soft spot for Sesame Street. Watched that show heaps when I was a kid.

    Magazine covers are very interesting, aren’t they? Heaps of thought go behind them, and no two magazine covers (of each edition) are the same. Which is probably a reason why people still collect them these days. Congrats on the sell. I hope the person who bought it enjoys it 🙂

    • I love looking at old magazines, and it’s my downfall. I still have a couple of boxes of Smithsonians that were Bob’s, and a stack of 80s Consumer Reports (those are a hoot now). Gotta figure out what to do with them. Thanks for the comment, Mabel (I always thought the Sesame Street writers must have more fun than anyone)

      • Many magazines are going out of print these days, so no surprise some people go after them – collectibles, one a kind produced no more. I used to collect TV series magazines, but put them in recycling a few years ago. I wonder how much they would fetch today.

        Good old Sesame Street never fails to entertain me. I suppose The Simpsons writers have a lot of fun too.

      • Some of the technical journals (IEEE, ACM, IBM) have archived their past years and made them available online or on disks. Now I’m wondering if the popular magazines are doing that too. Libraries used to have some on *showing my age* microfilm — and I hadn’t thought about that since my last term paper! Re Sesame Street: there’s a puppet museum here in town that has a lot of Sesame Street stuff and is even selling some of the mementos.

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