A “Junk Box” and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

Mining the basement: in the depths of a box full of miscellaneous stuff, I found a cigar box labeled “Junk”. It was nestled under a leg from a long-ago chair, a bunsen burner, and a selection of yo-yos.

Red Dot cigar box with 'Junk' label

Out of the depths of the basement… I recognize Bob’s printing.

This Red Dot woman is even more arresting on the inside cover:

Red Dot cigar box, inside cover

What big eyes she has… and yes, it’s clear that I’m overly fascinated with vintage illustration. I didn’t find an attribution for this artist.

I’d say it’s not fair to publicize what someone kept in a junk box or drawer, but in this case it’s so much more interesting than anything to be found in a box of mine that I don’t think Bob would have minded. Maybe one man’s junk can be someone else’s treasure.

Junk box details - a selection

Here’s a selection. It’s heavy on ways to look at things. Other than the burnt out tube, it looks pretty useful. (I left the tube in the picture for Steampunk fans…)

Zooming in…

Junk box close-up

I’m not sure about this little sailor, but I think maybe he’s a level.

Then there’s this.

Tom Mix Ralston "Straight Shooter's" Signal arrowhead

Yes — it’s a Tom Mix Ralston “Straight Shooter’s” Signal arrowhead. (who knew?)

A little research told me it would have come in a Ralston cereal box, a toy associated with a Tom Mix radio program that Ralston sponsored in the 1940s. The original Tom (1880-1940) wasn’t part of the radio program; he was a silent and sound cinema star in early 20th century westerns who made over 100 films. This “signal arrowhead” is complete with a magnifying lens, a reducing lens, and (purportedly) a whistle and pipes, all of which a young boy scout would need to be prepared. It was tucked into the box along with several Scout badges, a touching testimonial to a happy and adventurous childhood.

Over to you now — what’s in the depths of your “junk” box? And what can I do with these things?

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6 thoughts on “A “Junk Box” and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

  1. Oh I agree so much about the junk/treasure relationship.
    Lots and lots of shells and stones in mine. They captured special moments that only I know about and they don’t even look very special but they are to me!

    • Now that unlocked a memory – somewhere I have a little box of stones from the beach near Barcelona, carefully saved during a long-ago camping/hitchhiking trip. Maybe it’s the nomenclature that’s a little off. We should start calling them “treasure boxes” instead. Thank you!

    • Ah well, there’s quite a collection of cigar boxes, several in better condition, but none of the ones I have go for enough to make postage worthwhile. What I need is a good friend with a flea market booth!

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