The Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

This is a lazy post. None of my recent clearing out is photogenic, so today I’ll just share some of my photos that fit the theme. An ancient wall comes first…

Lion from the Processional Way, Ishtar Gate, Pergamon, now in Oriental inst Chicago

This lion is from the Processional Way, Ishtar Gate, Pergamon. It’s now in Oriental Institute in Chicago.

Still wall art, but more modern…

Chagall mosaic, detail, Chicago

Detail from a Chagall mosaic, Chicago.   OK, no jokes about the lion lying down with the chicken (if the lamb needs to be replaced).

This is a wall in the restaurant Gobo, in Manhattan…

Gobo - wood wall

At the time, we wanted to remember this arresting wall-o-wood, but now the people at the tables seem more mysterious and interesting.

And here’s the wall around the stage at Matilda, when we went last year on Broadway…

Matilda Stage

We’re waiting for the performance to begin…

And here’s the wall of tributes to Steve Jobs after his death in 2011, just outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

Tribute to Steve Jobs: Wall at the 5th Ave Apple Store, May 2011

I don’t know about hungry, but I’m certainly staying foolish — how about you?


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5 thoughts on “The Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. Love the wall of the tiger, Sandy. It looks very life-like, roaring it’s head off walking on a ledge. Art can certainly mislead the eye sometimes. As for staying foolish? I think we all need to be foolish once in a while and don’t live by the rules or what society expects of us. I’d rather be silly and do things no one has tried before – because different is always interesting. For instance, I like wearing bright coloured clothes 😀

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