May the 4th be with you, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Here’s an intricate display from a Steampunk Exhibition at Dragon Con…

Steampunk display at Dragon Con

Aha – could this be a good use for those pesky extra kitchen utensils next time I sort out a drawer?

'The Device' with Bulbs or TubesI’m  not sure what The Device is for, but again, what a great (and sculptural) way to use up “stuff”.

These Dragon Con photos came to mind because it’s May 4 today — that’s Star Wars Day. I’m just barely in time to say, “May the Fourth be with you.”

Dragon Con parade:  Han Solo in carbonite

Dragon Con parade with Han Solo in carbonite

Yes, you can get your own Han Solo in carbonite, and no, there’s not one  in my basement… I’ve checked.

Downsizing-wise, I’m still sorting papers so I’ll be ready for the local shredder event later this week.

Not a Star Wars fan?  — If you’re wondering about Han Solo in carbonite, you can consult Wookieepedia.

Live long and prosper, folks – oh wait, that’s a different universe.

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9 thoughts on “May the 4th be with you, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

  1. Happy May the 4th, Sandy. Very fitting post for the day. Those characters and robots look like the ones just out of the films. It’s amazing how many people go to such lengths to replicate costumes and characters to such detail when they go to conventions. It takes weeks and sometimes even months to prepare. I can see you doing it, honest… 😀

    Good luck with sorting the papers. Hopefully you’ll come across some interesting pieces before they all go out the door.

    • I’m constantly amazed by the cos-play and the amount of time and energy and creativity it must take (not to mention ingenuity on getting through doors or up elevators with some of the larger wingspans or skirt-circumferences). On the paper front, last night I came across some mementos from past trips — fun to see among the piles of stuff to shred and recycle. Thanks for commenting Mabel, I hope the ‘force’ or its equivalent is with you and continues to be so. – Sandy

      • Cosplay is such an interesting passion some have. It also costs quite a fair bit sometimes. I hear some cosplayers buy parts of their costumes online and then spend time tailoring them to fit their frame. Someday I would like to cosplay as Link from The Legend of Zelda. Someday.

        Oooh. Sounds like you have a mountain of papers waiting to be sent off recycling. It must be exciting seeing the old and reminiscing. Have fun, lots of it.

      • The best thing about the recycling/shredding is going to be getting the big bags of paper out of my room! (one more day)
        I’ve heard of The Legend of Zelda but the name is about all I know, so I looked up Link — it sounds like Link, a “link” between past and future, would be perfect for you, as with your writing on multiculturalism, you are a link between cultures. Probably nothing to do with why you chose Link, but it did occur to me. I do love seeing all the costumes, and hearing people talk about them. At the cons, some bring along several changes per day.

      • How exciting, getting rid of the old and making more room in your house. I always find the spaciousness refreshing when I get rid of things I don’t need at home.

        That is really genius of you, Sandy. You are right about Link – he is a character that traverses time, past and present, to save the world. Thank you for linking it to my multicultural writing, I never thought about it that way 🙂

      • Ahh – now I’m enjoying not having to walk around those bags of papers, delivered to the shredder this morning. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to when you put your costume together — pictures?

      • What an achievement. Now you just probably need to dust the space where they sat. It will be a while before I put my Link costume together. But there will certainly be pictures. Of course. You know I like taking photos 😉

      • Thanks for the positive reinforcement Mabel, and, with those future pictures, don’t forget to make some silly puns on “missing Link” — if you don’t mind puns that is — Sandy (bad punner)

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