The Modern Atlanta Homes Tour 2015, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Saturday afternoon, the “Design is Human” Modern Atlanta Architecture tour:  we walked out the door of yet another sleek and modern architectural wonder and saw something vivid shining out from behind the trees across the street, something we hadn’t noticed on the way in. Time to get close for a look–

Modern Atlanta Homes 2015: vivid color on a house across the street

I wish this house had been on the tour.

I didn’t notice there were strings of lights on this house until I saw my photo. Now I may have to drive by at night.

This is the third year we’ve been on the MA tour. I love it and look forward to it, still, in large doses modern design can be a little cold and neutral. Not this time — this tour had some vivid highlights punctuating those pristine gray and white interiors. I’ll share a few here, and if you’re reading in email, please click through to the website for a better view.

Now that I’m home, my own place seems shabby but comfortable. On the bright side, I’m not afraid to walk around the house carrying my cup of coffee, like I would be in any of these.

Murphy’s Law reads “If something can go wrong it will,” so the Law of Viewing Houses must be something like “If something can be staged, it will.” Does all that perfection give me a deep need to perk up my space? — I have to admit, I did clean house today. Looking around, I see that all my effort to clear out  is helping in the long term, but in the short term, every time I drag out a box of stuff to sort through I make a big mess. I won’t be staging any time soon…

How about you?

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

And more on the Modern Atlanta Architecture Tour

Furniture provided for some of the homes on tour came from Cantoni, City Issue, Roche Bobois, and the Besharat Gallery.

6 thoughts on “The Modern Atlanta Homes Tour 2015, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

  1. I don’t get notices of this tour, so next time, let me know! Looks gorgeous! Like you, I’d like to see the lavender house. It has to be as colorful on the inside as it is on the out!

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