Another Cabinet Explosion, Dinosaur Muffins, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

These are the doors to the kitchen cabinet under my cooktop. They don’t look dangerous, but think again. One day I realized there was a lot of stuff inside I don’t use, so I decided to boldly delve in and take everything out.

Kitchen Cabinet under cooktopIt looks like the cabinet exploded — I’m always amazed by how this happens. There were things in the back I hadn’t seen in years.

Kitchen cabinet explosion

How did it all fit? You can see I haven’t even taken out the top shelf stuff yet.

See how I even had pans stored in the ovens, how sad is that? 

Sorting out a big box of things to donate — great. Finding goofy things I hadn’t seen in ages — if this were a credit card ad, that would be the “priceless” part.

Rainbow's end blend herbal tea

Rainbow’s End Blend herbal tea was my favorite about, uh, 30 years ago.

The box was empty of course, but apparently I kept it in remembrance, and through at least 2 moves. This tea would have been worth it for the name alone. Here are some more Golden Harvest varieties… I could do with a cup of Mystic Spice right about now.

Rainbow's End blend - details

What’s in Rainbow’s End Blend, and others?

Here’s something else I hadn’t seen in a while — my dinosaur muffin pan.

Dinosaur Muffin Pan

I haven’t had it since the Jurassic, but it has been a while.

When I first got this, I wondered if there was a way to convert it to make ice-pops. Mainly what I had in mind were “Tricera-pops”.

Oh, and another good thing, once I donated my extra stuff I have room in the cabinet for the pans I used to store in the oven. Now I’ll see how many of the remaining things I really use before the next round of clearing out. It may not be politically correct to say this during Plastic Free July (and by the way there were plastic containers here that I bought before I knew better) but I’d like to put in a good word for my reuseable vinyl shelf paper — all I had to do was take it out and wash it, then put it back. No waste.

Kitchen Cabinet After Downsizing

Kitchen cabinet after downsizing – still a little messy but much better than it was.

 Have you had a cabinet explosion lately?

(P.S. — I kept the dino-pan.)

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24 thoughts on “Another Cabinet Explosion, Dinosaur Muffins, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

  1. That is certainly a lot of stuff you have there under your kitchen cabinets, and exactly like my kitchen cabinets too. Pots and pans of all sizes, kettles, baking equipment, containers…my mum has even a big bag of rice down there. I think it’s amazing how all these kitchen utensils can last a lifetime if they are kept dry.

    That dinosaur muffin pan looks cute, never seen anything like that. So much detail on them, and I bet it would be hard trying to get cake dough out of their curves when washing up 😀

    • I do remember that the dino-pan needs to be well oiled before use. Seems like a recipe came with it too, maybe pumpkin dinosaurs (of all things!)
      I still have too many pans, didn’t quite realize how many until I saw my photograph. Photos help us be more objective, don’t you think?

      • Now you’ve reminded me. Baking recipes seem to come with baking goods and utensils these days, don’t they. Always a nice touch and you can always learn a new recipe. I think looking back at photos that we take forces us to look twice at what we have.

      • Now that makes me think — recipes may be included with new utensils, but also sometimes new recipes require new utensils. This could be a good rule to live by, sort of like the Thoreau quote “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes” — Acquire no recipe that needs new utensils.

      • You are so right. New recipes, additional utensils AND ingredients too…which would mean more items to pack into kitchen cabinets. Such a fitting quote by Thoreau. Spot on.

  2. The tea box is lovely.
    You’re so right about photos of clutter. They definitely help objectify it but I find that only makes it feel all the more mountainous. Good on you for another cabinet dealt with. You inspirational one!

  3. I love seeing all your “finds”. But must admit that I’m glad they’re in your house, not mine! And I’m glad you kept the reusable shelf liner. Never heard of that before. And as far as plastic-free, I agree plastic is not good. But sometimes we must choose the lesser of two evils. Plastic-free or no waste? There are days I think it would be good if we could go back to life like “Little House on the Prairie”! Keep the explosions coming!

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