Monuments, Fridge Magnets, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Half and Half or night and day: the Washington Monument can work for either.

Washington Monument - night view from the Lincoln Memorial

Night view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Composition-wise, exactly half-and-half is a bit unsettling, so let’s make that roughly half-and-half.

Washington Monument - Day

A monumental division of picture space from a different viewpoint.

The US Marine Corps War Memorial works for a diagonal half and half, bisected by flag pole.

Iwo Jima Memorial - U. S. Marine Corps War Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial – U. S. Marine Corps War Memorial, a view from the evening tour.

Can you tell I’m just back from a trip to Washington DC?

Meanwhile, here on the home front, downsizing continues. Still, I’m appreciative that the Smithsonian isn’t downsizing… they need to keep their stuff (and I wish they’d keep some of mine too). The back seat of my car is full of books I’m ready to donate to the library, and my next basement project is to figure out if the the set of Harvard Classics I found is complete and in good shape.

Now, just one more thing from Washington: shot through the window of ‘Julia Child’s Kitchen’ —

Julia Child's refrigerator magnets - from the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Julia Child’s refrigerator magnets – from the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

And, on the home front —

Sandy's fridge magnets.

Sandy’s fridge magnets… well, some of them. I’m downsizing. And by the way, we saw the ‘real’ ruby slippers at the Smithsonian.

James Joyce’s deserve a closer look —

James Joyce's fridge magnets.

James Joyce’s fridge magnets.

What’s on your fridge?

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

12 thoughts on “Monuments, Fridge Magnets, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. What a great photo for the photo challenge, Sandy. Great reflection there, the water is so still. I hope you had a great trip 🙂 Ah, things on fridges. My fridge door is empty, I don’t stick anything on it because when I did (like the dinner menu for the week, grocery shopping list), they just slid to the floor – sometimes in the middle of the night too and I’d wake up wondering if someone entered the house 😀

    • I love your story of the sliding magnets and refrigerator prowlers, or perhaps… refrigerator ghosts? Rearranging the magnets would be another tip-off! You should use that for a story. And yes, it was a great trip.

      • My fridge is almost ten years old, and over the years it has been making louder and louder clicks and hisses. Maybe the vibrations from these noises cause the magnets to fall off at night. Or maybe my fridge really doesn’t like things stuck onto it.

      • The vibrations are the most logical theory, but I really like the idea of fridge-as-critic. Can you tell I’m a fan of fantasy stories? Come to think of it, my fridge is almost 10 as well. I got it when the old one died, and was too frugal to replace it with one that “matched” when I had the rest of the kitchen updated 6 years ago. It does a little of the clicking and hissing too. I hope it lives long, even though it doesn’t look pretty.

      • Anything can happen in a fantasy story 😉 I find that the hissing picks up quite a bit when I open the fridge door, and stand there to think about what I need to take out of it.

      • Oooooo – Maybe yours is hissing because it doesn’t want you to take things out of it. After you mentioned your clicks and hisses I’ve noticed mine much more. There’s a little ‘clunk’ noise every so often too. We are personalizing our appliances!

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