Five Photos/Five Stories Part 3, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

It was a good day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on our recent trip to Washington DC. I even got to visit my (TWA) roots —

TWA at the Air and Space Museum

Let’s back up for perspective on what I think of as the “Hall of Now-Defunct Airlines”…

Air and Space Museum - perspective on the Hall of Now-Defunct Airlines

TWA, Eastern, Pan-Am, Braniff, Northwest, Air Tran… there could be many more.

It’s a concert. Can you believe they were playing “I fell into a burning ring of fire…” in a room celebrating airplanes? To be fair, they followed it up with something like “Up, Up and Away…”

Here’s my gallery of Air and Space – click on an image and cycle through to see some Good Old Days and some Bad Old Days, and hold out hope for humanity that we’ll soon manage to get better.

It’s a good day today because, speaking of things that (could) fall from the sky — no, not airplanes, these —

Tree removal - tulip poplar

This tulip poplar towered over both houses.

Today it was my neighbor’s day for tree work. Thankfully, this one didn’t fall from the sky on either house, and that made today a very good day.

Here’s hoping yours was good too.

As for Five Photos the rules are: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. I had a break in my five days, but more on that later. The stories can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph, with each day including a nomination to challenge another blogger. With thanks once more to Jean at Social Bridge for nominating me for this blogging challenge, today I’m passing the torch to ace photographer Mabel at

And, here’s more on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a good day.

15 thoughts on “Five Photos/Five Stories Part 3, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

  1. They really were playing that fire song live with the instruments? They must have a good sense of humour 😀 Amazing plane display, and love that exhibit on space and the bathroom. I’m sure it was for your eyes only and no one was allowed to have a go. Also, love the skywards shot. Stunning green leaves and enjoy what’s left of summer 🙂

    • Yes, Ring of Fire was the song. I kept hearing it and thinking “what is it about that song?”… then I remembered the lyrics. On the bathroom, now that you mention it, I’m sure a usable space-loo for visitors would be an enormous draw for the museum — maybe I should write in a suggestion! And summer — it’s leaving us and heading toward you now.

      • Yes, why not write in the usable space-loo suggestion. Even if it’s a makeshift one, it would be cool for visitors to get a first hand experience of being an astronaut. It will be spring for us next week. Weather tells us it will still be on the cool side here for a while.

      • I was listening to an interview on radio last weekend, an astronaut (I think Chris Hadfield) saying his best day in space was the day he repaired the toilet… it does hold a certain fascination, doesn’t it? Lucky you with spring coming, but then, fall coming here is beautiful too.

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  3. Funny to see the Eastern Airlines jet here just a few days after I unearthed my “Eastern Youth Card” from 1972! I am not a keeper of things, but I am going to hang onto this little reminder of my first airline club just a little longer!

  4. My dad designed Gemini/Mercury/Apollo/Shuttle space ships, their rockets & trained crew. I went to Europe for 6 weeks with dad on business throughout Europe ca. 1976, the European Space Agency was doing work with payload avionics. Fascinating, to me, was each ESA country had their own color codes for the same wiring. I got to see schematics & walk into mock-ups.

    Before NASA dad was a test pilot in air force with forced engine failures due to cold his specialty. When he died I found 100’s of flame outs in various modes of flight transportation to the current day. Still working NASA, age 78, he had been formulating data for mars flights.

    It wasn’t uncommon at my high school to have NASA equipment delivered to the science building. they were glad to get rid of the junk. To this day, I still see NASA stuff in museums not as good as the junk at my high school.

    Wonder what ever happened to the capsule Grissom/White/Chaffee roasted in? Probably not in a museum.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    • What a wonderful background you have in Air and Space! I hope your old school has its own museum by now, with all it inherited. So sad to remember the accident (was it Apollo 1?). We saw one of the early Russian space capsules on display,for sale, at Sotheby’s a few years ago, that’s the closest I’ve come to space memorabilia outside museums. Thank you for stopping by — Sandy

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