Five Photos/Five Stories Part 5, the Dragon Con Parade, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

How long since you connected to your inner fictional character or better yet, your inner super-hero? This mini Wonder Woman was a magnet for passing super-heros at the Dragon Con parade on Saturday morning.

Importance of Being Wonder Woman Here comes another Wonder Woman, and the little one’s still got it…

Importance of Being Wonder Woman - 1

The Importance of Being Wonder Woman

Importance of Being Wonder Woman - 2

Importance of Being Wonder Woman - 3

Posing for Dad.

Even this unfortunate Storm Trooper got to shine (“Ewok stole my speeder…”)  — so what if he had to walk?

Storm Trooper: Ewok Stole my Speeder

This post veers off the topic of hoarding and downsizing, but it seemed like a good time to take a break — please stay tuned for an update on progress.

Five Photos/Five Stories the rules are: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. The stories can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph, with each day including a nomination to challenge another blogger. I’ve been a slothful blogger and not blogged my days in proper consecutive fashion, but still, thank you to Jean at Social Bridge for nominating me for this blogging challenge.

And, should any choose to accept, I’d like to suggest the Five Photos challenge to the following bloggers —

One Foot Out the Door

Solar Blessed

Paula B. Puckett

Meanwhile, tell me, who’s your inner super-hero?

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12 thoughts on “Five Photos/Five Stories Part 5, the Dragon Con Parade, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

  1. What a lovely collection of shots, Sandy. You were in prime position to capture this cute moment. The two Wonder Womans look like they are best friends, one tall and one short, but both in the same costume ready to save the world. The costume looks like one of the more simpler anime cosplay costumes around.

    • Wonder Woman is a popular gig and also looks easy to get around in. And, no mask, so easy to see too. Some of the “Box Warriors” (costumes made from stacks of cardboard boxes) looked like they’d be hard to walk in, and some of the dragons — I don’t even have words for the springy things they had on their feet to elevate them.

      • I’d always thought Wonder Woman’s skirt was too short. If I’d ever choose to dress up as her one day, I think I’d pair the outfit with a pair of matching tights.

        Those Box Worrior cosplays always looked so fragile to me. Bump into them, I wonder if they’d fall over.

      • Good point about the skirt. Further evidence she’s drawn by men, I suppose. I think she’s strong and muscular in the early comics though, and now that I think about it, didn’t she spend a lot of time (in the 1960s a least) saving her boyfriend? It’s been a while since I looked in on Wonder Woman, it would be interesting to see how she compares today to the WW of my childhood.

      • I’ve never read or heard much about WW’s boyfriend. Wasn’t even sure if he existed. It’s nice to see a superwoman independent and able to hold her own ground. However, I wonder why WW isn’t as prominent as a number of other comic book characters in today’s modern era.

      • Do you think the target audience is still boy-centric? They certainly are in the ones that get movie franchises. I haven’t kept up with comics, so don’t know what new ones there are for girls. It’s like books, I think, where girls will read them all, but boys only want to read about boys. I had Supergirl and Wonder Woman, also Lois Lane had her own comic for a while. I haven’t done anything with the comics yet, will take some WW photos and post them before I try putting them on eBay.

      • I agree. I’m not much of a superhero comic reader, but I still reckon the movies appeal to the male demographic more. There was also Catwoman too (the movie and the comics), but I wasn’t much of a fan of hers.

      • You’re right, I was forgetting Catwoman. At first I thought, but wait, was she a hero or a villain? Then I realized that, like Jessica Rabbit, “she was just drawn that way”. And anyway, it would be hard to be a hero when you wear such high spike heels.

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