Castleberry Hill Loft Tour: (Extra)Ordinary

Sometimes I want my fantasy future home to be a loft. Room for books? Urban excitement and no leaves to rake? — Sounds pretty amazing. When we saw the Castleberry Hill neighborhood in Atlanta had a homes tour featuring lofts, I had to go.

Of course there was drama and art —Castleberry Hill Loft Tour - Art And expansive space…

Castleberry Hill Loft Tour - Art

Here’s what the sculpture overlooked.

But some were more home-like, with plants…

Castleberry Hill Loft Tour 2015

We thought this one was “most livable”

And pets…Castleberry Hill Loft Tour - kitchen with dog

And balconies…Castleberry Hill Loft Tour balconies And even rooftop gardens…Rooftop garden - Castleberry Hill Loft Tour

Which would you choose?

My only disappointment — no library ladders.

Castleberry Hill Loft Tour - dog






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20 thoughts on “Castleberry Hill Loft Tour: (Extra)Ordinary

    • Oh – good question. Some of these weren’t even easily accessible from inside. I think “hire a service” might be the answer (like the downtown high rise condos do). But I can’t reach all the windows in my house either.

  1. Loft homes are always so interesting. They can either be dark or have a lot of light coming through, and with the more modern ones it seems to be the latter. Looks like a very cozy one you visited, and quite a few rugs too. I generally prefer rugs and floorboards over carpets, carpets that are stuck to the ground. Dislike it when they pop up over the floor when they get old.

    • These were all converted industrial spaces, so there were lots of configurations on light. The smaller ones tended to have lots of light on the front end, then go back like a tunnel, with skylights for the other rooms.
      And, I agree on floors — I like the warmth of wood and rugs too.

  2. I’d pick the first one with expansive space and drama! I have a loft fantasy, too, but when push came to shove (hopefully not literally) I think I’d want some firmer room boundaries for my husband and me!

    • Yes, the larger ones did seem to be more open and cavernous than I’d be comfortable with. Still, there were smaller rooms upstairs, though I think going up and down the spiral stairs several times a day could get old. Lovely tall walls for bookshelves though — and paintings. The large one was a gallery owner’s home next door to his gallery.

  3. Sandy, thank you for the lovely pictures and post! One of my neighbors stumbled onto your blog and contacted me. So glad you enjoyed the loft tour last year, and I’m ever so grateful for your pictures of my sweet Bogart. Kind regards, Connie (loft owner)

    • Connie – thanks for looking! We loved your loft, and I probably have a few more pictures, so let me know if you’re ever interested in seeing them and I can send them to you. — Sandy, hoping for another tour this year

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