Autumn Changes (Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition)

It’s autumn, the season of transitions: the leaves are on their way down, the geese are on their way south, and I’m just home from Thanksgiving holiday, trying to get back to my chores.

Geese take a rest on their migration through the mid-western U.S. —

Geese at Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge

Geese at the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City MO.

When they all fly up at once, out across the marsh, they’re like swirling dots in a pointillist composition.

Over 200,000 geese fly up at Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Geese in the air. The water was icy, and every blade of grass was coated — I’d fly up too.

… and speaking of pointillism, Britannica’s On This Day just reminded me that today is the birthday of painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891).

Back in the wildlife preserve, the eagles have arrived… slow geese better beware.

Eagle - Squaw Creek Swans are in transition too, and cleaning up (like I need to be doing).

Swans at Squaw Creek Wildlife Preserve

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, I hope you had a happy one.

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Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

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26 thoughts on “Autumn Changes (Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition)

  1. Nice shots! That’s an incredible number of birds in those first two photos. What a treat to see them! They must have really been something to hear as well!

  2. I love your photos! Ive never seen that many birds in the same place, they look beautiful! If they were black I may actually be a little scared as it is reminiscent of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” which gave an irattional fear of black birds. It is awesome to witness as these birds transition to a warmer habitat.

    • Yes, seeing masses of Canadian geese, and monarch butterflies too, are great advantages of visiting, or living in, the midwestern US.
      But in Italy you have many other blessings (and I hope you’re safe in these scary times, have been thinking of you) — Sandy

      • True Sandy, every place has it’s own beauty! And thanks for thinking of us in these scary times. We’re well and safe. God has us in his care! Take care!

      • Stay safe! We’d been rethinking next year’s travel plans, but golly, now the U.S. seems to have plenty of scary shooters of it’s own. there were two incidents yesterday, and one didn’t even make the news until today.

      • I know Sandy. This world is getting worse and worse. But then danger, injury, and death are ever-present. Home injuries, traffic accidents, etc. The only true safety is in the Lord! But do be careful!

      • Good for you Sandy. Remember God has promised to always be with us. And we do live in fearful times. But I think living in fear makes the terrorists win. But peace can be ours when we know where we’re going and who we will spend eternity with!! Praying for you, for us, for all of us to have peace in these trying times. Peace is our greatest need for these days!

      • Yes, I do agree that we should do what we want and need to, in our lives, and be adventurous, not huddle in fear. But I do so want the world to be a better place for my nieces’ generation.

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