Misericord Eyes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

It’s a busy day here for autumn clean-up outdoors, but I don’t want to miss the Eye Spy challenge.

Eyes - Misericord Amsterdam Oude Kerk

Three eyes and double noses: Misericord in Amsterdam’s Oude Kirk, the oldest building in Amsterdam.

When we toured the Oude Kirk in Amsterdam last year, we picked up a booklet that explained the misericord images.  A more organized Hoarder would know where she put it. As it is, the meaning will be a mystery for today.

Am I the last person in the neighborhood to get the autumn leaves cleaned up? Maybe. Now it’s post-and-run, and out for yard work. I want a clean driveway and full compost bins.

Wish me success?

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11 thoughts on “Misericord Eyes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

  1. Interesting piece of art on the building. Almost looks as if there are two faces there…as if you are seeing double all at once. Hope winter is treating you well. It is summer hear in Australia. No autumn leaves for us to sweep up but now that warmer weather is here, I am trying to bring out the light pieces of clothing to the front of my closet. All are buried behind thicker clothing…

      • Hope scraping ice off the car wasn’t too much trouble…but I suppose it is always a tad annoying and time consuming. Summer has been pleasantly warm here in Australia so far.

      • Since I’ve lived in the south for a while now, when visiting back “home” in the midwest, I forget to budget time for cleaning off ice and snow. Funny, I lived there for years in apartments, parking on the street. When I finally bought a house it was a year or more before it occurred to me to park in the garage.
        I’m glad to hear you’re having a lovely summer – and I hope you get plenty of time to work on your book.

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