Celebrating Ada Lovelace (and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!)

Ada Lovelace made me start hoarding magazines. Well, made me start keeping magazines that were already hoarded and packed in the basement…

1981 Computer Magazine - Ada Lovelace cover

Augusta Ada Lovelace, 1815-1852. The cover article here is about the programming language “Ada”, developed by the Dept of Defense, and named for her.

As for the Oops factor, Dec 10 was the 200th anniversary of Ada’s birth. I was planning to write this post then, but oops…

As the “first computer programmer” and the daughter of a poet (Lord Byron), she’s a natural bridge between my love of the arts and the profession that gave me a living and a retirement, not to mention many years of airline passes. And – bonus – she’s a woman! — but I won’t get into gender politics in the IT industry. Well, maybe just a little… here’s an excerpt from another magazine I found…

CTechnology and Society - Spring 2000

Technology and Society – Spring 2000

As for hoarding magazines, there were lots of old Smithsonian‘s in the same box (and many earlier boxes). I didn’t have trouble letting them go at first. There were so many, and they were packed along with hundreds of dense computer publications that I knew I’d never read, so the ones I found first were easy to donate.

Then I found Ada, and I’m down to the last few boxes of magazines. Now I can’t seem to let things go without reading them.

Cover: IEEE Annals Fall 2003

See? Still more magazines…

Is there a cure for this magazine-madness?

More on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

More on Ada Lovelace


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Ada Lovelace (and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!)

  1. Ada Lovelace sounds like a bit of a familiar name to me…it is impressive that she was such a successful programmer back in the day but yes, let’s not get into gender politics here 😀 I used to hoard magazines when I lived in Singapore in my teens. I was a big fan of the magazine Lime, a pop culture and music publication (its now no longer in publication), and my favourite issue had Britney Spears on the front cover. I hoarded that until I moved back to Australia, sadly putting it in the recycling bin.

    • Ah – a fellow magazine hoarder – I’m glad I’m not alone. But, still working through my stack of Smithsonians, and, of course these selected computer magazines. I’ll bet you’ve heard of Ada Lovelace at some point. Seems like there was even a BBC or PBS program about her a while back.

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