Happy Christmas Day, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Christmas day is nearly over. Here’s a Dino-discovery from a neighborhood walk —

Christmas Dinosaur

Doesn’t every neighborhood need Christmas T-Rex?

… and a little something from the tree.

Christmas bubble lightsOur parents had bubble lights on the tree when we were growing up. Now my brother has some new ones in their honor.  I’ve downsized decorations along with everything else, so I just appreciate the ones that friends, family, and neighbors put up.

One more holiday: right now, we’re in the middle of winter Discardia (December 21 – January 9), so Happy Discardia folks, are you ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle?

More on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Now


13 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Day, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

    • The new bubble lights are plastic, and they don’t seem to last as long, but they’re still bubble lights! I’ve seen nightlight versions too, if you’re interested. Uh-oh, now that I remembered that, I’ve started to want one… I just did a little shopping expedition and saw they even have versions with glitter (who knew!) — must. resist.
      I love your challenge pictures, and for me, barn photos have as high a nostalgia factor as bubble lights.

    • I just recently noticed Discardia. It does seem to me to be a good idea to keep the various dates in my calendar as a reminder. I have SO much left to do. The approach of January always makes me see the things I’ve managed to overlook for the last half of the year. It’s nice that we live in a time when we can be blessed with too much stuff, but then… we have to cope with too much stuff. I’ll be downsizing for a while yet.

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