A New Year, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

A year comes full circle every day, but it’s the first week of January that brings it to our attention. This week I’ve been reviewing my 2015 goals, and feeling under-accomplished.

Here’s the scary thing about a clock with a visible pendulum — you can see the seconds (and the year) flying by.

8 Day Clock

This was my Grandmother’s 8-Day clock. These days it’s more like a 4-Day clock, and has to be babied along a bit. It’s loud, but comforting, and I have no trouble sleeping through it. I heard it every hour in my parents’ house when I was growing up, and now it strikes the hours in mine.

Desperate to call something an accomplishment, I took this little lamp out of the donation box I’m accumulating, and cleaned it up. Here it is “before”…

Jasco Tele-LiteIt’s a “Television Lamp” from the 1950’s, and used to sit atop my parents’ TV. Cute, yes. I don’t need to keep it, but now it’s relatively clean, so I’m tempted. eBay may be full of vintage TV lamps but, funny thing, with our modern razor-thin TVs there’s no place to put them.

Jasco Tele-Lite TV Lamp -- Griffith, Ind.

Jasco Tele-Lite TV Lamp — Griffith, Ind. Maybe it can find new purpose as a night-light.

Now, to bring this post full circle back to clocks, here’s another — this is a vintage Perivale Westminster Chimes clock, a souvenir from a past trip.

Perivale Westminster Chimes Clock

Perivale Westminster Chimes Clock

It’s attractive, but it’s a pain to keep wound, so right now it’s functioning as sculpture.

What should I do with all these circles?

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12 thoughts on “A New Year, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

  1. Keep the 8Day clock and get rid of the other two circles. The clock is classic and classy and you can give it to the family member anytime down the road👍🏽

    • So right about the family clock — and, since trip-nostalgia is a powerful thing, I’ll bet I can give the other one to my friend who was with me on the trip when I bought it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I wish I could hear the chime on your grandmother’s clock, but I bet I know just how it goes…my aunt had one in her livingroom. Good memories. Definitely an heirloom? Sigh. It is hard to let go of the vintage pieces.

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