Where to Donate School Supplies, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I owe this one to my friend Susan. When she told me to check with the Atlanta Food Bank for information on donating school supplies, I thought it seemed like an odd connection. But here it is on the Food Bank’s website: Kids in Need, a free store for teachers in low-income schools to come to for school supplies.

School Supply Store - Atlanta Community Food Bank

School Supply Store – Atlanta Community Food Bank

Two boxes and two bags of notebooks, pens, paper supplies and books...

My stack of donations…

That was at least a year ago, but I’ve been sorting out supplies as I unpack boxes, and over time I’ve amassed notebooks, folders, binders, binder clips, sticky notes, and other office supplies that I thought might be useful for classrooms. I even had extra dictionaries (remember those?) and books on English usage. Then, a couple of weeks ago — surprise — I found chemistry class supplies…

Chemistry Class supplies

I love it that Bob kept so many things in these gorgeous cigar boxes.

Chemistry sets DSC02509I wondered how long they’d been packed away, then I got to the box with the flasks wrapped in newspapers. First I got to be amazed by the prices …

Old newspaper and beaker

And then I found one with a date…

Newspaper- Salina KS Journal, 1972

Newspaper, Salina KS Journal, September 20, 1972.

I called ahead to see if they wanted both the paper supplies and chem class supplies, then Sam drove me to the donation site last Saturday. These things have waited a long time to find a home. I can’t begin to say how good it felt to find a place for them. And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to donate there again before I’m finished.

How to use your downsizing-time wisely? Don’t discard — donate!

P.S. I kept the cigar boxes (for now) — wouldn’t you?

Cremo Cigar Box cover

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22 thoughts on “Where to Donate School Supplies, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

  1. That is such a good initiative for low-income schools. On with the learning process with learning materials. It’s funny how we amass so much stationary supplies over the years. To be honest, it usually takes me a while to finish a notebook from start to finish. I’ve had friends give me notebooks and they are still sitting in the cupboard like brand new…

    Things were certainly cheap back in the day. How times have changed and when prices go up, they never really come down.

    • It’s hard to believe I found so many notebooks… what were we thinking? Bob must have bought in bulk sometimes, then things got put away and not used. The sad thing was the number of inkpens I found. Even ones that were new and in the package when I found them often didn’t work. I hadn’t realized how they dry up after a while. And prices: too bad we can’t have the 1972 prices with the 2016 wages. (I got a good lesson in inflation by going through all this old stuff!)

      • Ah, buying stationary in bulk is always cheaper than just buying one item. Pity about the ink pens, dried up over the years. It would be cool if they still worked. Maybe the more expensive, fancy ones back in the day might still work if you have any of those lying around…

      • Whenever I found pens, I opened the packages and tried them out. Some did work, so if they were new I donated them. If they were used and worked, I kept them to use myself — and, I haven’t bought any pens in years. I suppose one of these days they’ll all wear out at once.

    • They are handy! When my nieces were little, we were into paper dolls and I wanted boxes to keep them in. Bob had stored some things in my basement (this was in Kansas City) and I saw the cigar boxes and thought they were just the right size. He as horrified that I wanted to use his collectors items for storing our girly paper dolls.

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