My Own Cindy Sherman Movie Stills, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

I can’t seem to keep from sorting boxes of old photos, even though I know it’s more practical to leave them until last. My first thought when I saw this one: Oh– my own Cindy Sherman movie stills!

My own Cindy Sherman movie stills Composition-wise, I like all the triangles, first, my white scarf and its echo in the white V of my shirt, then the sign behind me, and of course the fins!  I’d forgotten about cars with fins.

Here’s another, even more reminiscent of a movie still…

My own Cindy Sherman movie stillsIn photographer Cindy Sherman’s early series The Complete Untitled Film Stills, she often worked in black and white, recreating the atmosphere of B-movies or foreign films, and posing and dressing herself as an actress in their stories.

Moving on to black and white, here are a couple more “film stills” from my own collection… I’m not in these, but they remind me of that B-movie vibe.

Cheerleader Camp v Cindy Sherman movie stillsHere’s an even earlier one – I recognize the steps of our hometown school, but I don’t know who the boys are.

Grade School Steps remind me of Cindy Sherman film stillsI know I have big projects that I should be finishing, but taking a photo-break from time to time is lots more fun, especially when it involves life imitating art, or, in this case life imitating art imitating life (and that sentence could go on indefinitely).

Which do you see most often — art imitating life, or life imitating art?

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Here’s a Cindy Sherman pinboard I found…

14 thoughts on “My Own Cindy Sherman Movie Stills, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

  1. I love the b/w shot with the car. Some of them might look good blown up on the wall once you’ve finished decluttering? I bet you can even get custom wallpaper made from images you provide…

    • (I lost what I was typing, so may end up with a duplicate…) I don’t remember taking this photo, but it was with some others of the school playground, so I must have. It makes me think of “Kookie, lend me your comb.” — remember that? You are much better than I on the I.D. — Sandy

  2. I am not familiar with Cindy Sherman at all. But I really like these photos. Really reminiscent of a time that once was, classic and timeless feel. Like Pip, I really like that shot of her in the car. It looks like she has her hands full with the passengers in the back 😀 Big projects take time and they can get exhausting if we rush through it. Hope all is good with that side of things 🙂

    • Re the girls in the car: I think it’s the cat’s eye glasses and the scarf that make it evocative. Oh, and maybe the feet! The projects don’t go fast enough… my middle name must be “Procrastination”. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Cindy Sherman. But, I like yours better. A different era, simple black and whites. You could start your own greeting card series.

    • Funny – I’ve seen some of the cards with what appear to be old photos on them (always wonder if they’re new ones staged to look that way). Too bad we didn’t take more photos when we were kids. People growing up now are going to have SO much fun when they’re our age and look back at the thousands of photos in their digital libraries.

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