A Walk in Central Park (and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony)

Here’s what I was looking at this time yesterday –

Central Park - view toward Midtown

Harmony of design in New York City: Central Park, looking toward Midtown

We’re still drawn to parks for a quiet moment, even when we love busy cities. Central Park was designed in 1858, the first landscaped park in the U.S.

Landscape planning is design in 4D. It seems to me it would be impossible to visualize what that extra dimension — time — would add to the composition. I wonder what Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, architects of Central Park, would think if they could see it today, with the city grown up like crystals around it.

Here’s the evening before, Sam walks up to check out the view while I fumble with my camera –

Central Park toward West Midtown

Skaters and Central Park DSC02902

And a closer look —

Snowdrops in Central Park

Snowdrops – we had real snow a few days ago – it’s just beginning to be spring.

But now I’m home and back to improving my own harmony by getting some work done today. Maybe I’ll start with the back yard…

What’s your favorite park?

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6 thoughts on “A Walk in Central Park (and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony)

  1. What a nice take on the theme! There are so many lovely parks, I don’t think I can name a favorite. That said, on San Juan Island, Washington there are two parks I love to visit one after the other; English Camp (aka British Camp) and American Camp. English Camp is in a protected bay with lush grounds, while in stark contrast, American Camp is situated on the exposed, windswept southwest end of the island.

    • It amazes me that there can be so much going on, yet it can also have such peaceful corners. We spent most of our walking in art museums this trip, will try to schedule next year’s trip for better weather (trouble with that is, it’s more expensive later in the year, and I’m “frugal”)

  2. Such a serene park there, Sandy. Sam looks like he is enjoying a moment all alone there 🙂 Growing up, I was told to avoid parks, that they are quiet places where anything can happen. But I’ve learnt to love them over time 🙂

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