Selling Used Books, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

In the future I will have fewer books. But meanwhile, isn’t there always time for books?

Time enough for books...

Time titles, and time enough for books, or werewolves –see volume 4th from the left.  These are not on the give-away list (yet).

I’ve been selling books on Amazon since 2012, but took stock last week and saw I had three bookcases full of books still waiting for their new homes. Now that I’ve unpacked the last box of books from the basement, I took a hard look at what I had listed on Amazon.

In some cases, as time passed, other sellers listed copies of books for much less than I had, so prices had fallen below my minimum. The time had come to downsize my books for sale.

  • The project — close the listings and donate books that are least likely to sell.
  • The goal — measure my progress by freeing up a bookshelf.

The result ? Here’s the “Fiction” case, after consolidation and two trips to the library with donations…

Empty book case

Empty book case!

Now that I have an empty bookshelf I have to hurry up and get it out of the house, so there’s no temptation to fill it up again. Next project: investigate consignment stores.

I’m still selling books, just with a lower inventory than before. Meanwhile, I’ve been so busy that my post on the category “Future” didn’t get written until it was “Past”…

I could never have imagined a future in which I’d have too many books — what about you?

30 thoughts on “Selling Used Books, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

  1. Certainly never too many books. Each book is their own genre, and their own stories and characters. Good to see that you are making a move on decluttering the bookshelf. Looks like a lot of progress has been made, and hopefully the donated books find a good home. I was cleaning out my bookcase last year, and realise it has a lot of empty notebooks. I wonder what to do with them…they are books, just with no words 😀

    • Oh, notebooks! I have piles of them squirreled away. Some are from past classes, some are travel notes from past trips. I really need to let go. Thanks for reminding me there’s yet another category of books… as for yours, maybe you need to fill them up? (though with our phones these days, we can take our notes “virtually”)

      • I don’t know if I can fill up all my notebooks. I’m very picky about my notebooks. The outer cover, spiral or non-spiral bound, the colour of the paper, lines or no lines…they all add up when I’m choosing a notebook for an occasion!

      • Do you use them by occasion or by project? I always intend to use them by project (or by trip) but end up getting them all mixed up by needing one in a hurry and just grabbing what I can. It sounds as though you are MUCH better at staying organized.

      • That is such a good question, Sandy. I like a good thick hardcover notebook when I’m using it for a project. For instance, drafting my first book, I have three of the same kind of notebooks for this venture. For everyday note taking and rough work, it’s a soft cover, smaller and thinner notebook.

        I really think I fret over organising too much…

      • I am tremendously impressed. (Friends have given me beautiful hardcover notebooks and I’m afraid to write in them. They’re just sitting on the bookshelf) For writing, I’m spoiled by computers and like making files because I can move things around. That said, I suddenly realized I also have lots of little sticky-note reminders too. I really need to tidy my desk!

  2. The future is here and it is very full of books in my house! I have been paring down, but loads remain on groaning bookshelves in three rooms (perhaps 15-20 sections of the bookshelf size pictured here). I love books so much and never would have imagined a future with too many of them, but that is exactly what happened. Time to purge.

    • Oh, I have some of those groaning bookcases too. Now that I have a handle on my amazon listings, I should start going through the bookshelves in other rooms. I do love them, and just wish I could open a conduit into my brain and upload them all. All the best on your endeavor — Sandy

  3. Books!!! Eeek!!! My biggest guilty secret. I just love them. One of the biggest forms of clutter in my home. I struggle to part with them. There is just no hope for me. Good for you getting on with the declutter.

    • Even though I’ve sold a few hundred books by now, I still have a lot. When I do sell one, I always look it over again and think “I should have read this again before letting it go.” I just have to tell myself “stop that – mail the book!”

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