Vintage Doll Dishes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

I just found my doll dishes. I knew they were here somewhere.

Doll Dishes - tea set

Tea time in the doll world…

I don’t remember how old I was when I played with these, or which dolls were tea-drinkers. Although the dishes don’t take up much space, I certainly don’t need to keep them.

Just to get the scale in perspective, I’ll throw in an apple…Doll dishes - tea set

As is appropriate for a future vegetarian, my dolls had salad bowls too.

Wooden salad bowls for dolls

Judging by the fork on the right, at least one of the dolls liked to chew on the tableware.

I hope there are hungry/thirsty dolls out there somewhere who would love a tea party with my vintage dishes.

What did your toys eat?

P.S.I just checked eBay and I see that my dolls won’t be financing my retirement, but they might buy me a few apples.

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16 thoughts on “Vintage Doll Dishes, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

  1. Doll dishes! I didn’t have any as fancy as these growing up, but I had a couple of Sanrio dollhouses and you had to buy furniture and plates separately. I also stocked up on bread, cake and jelly for the houses 😀

      • This might be a bit off topic, but just like there are doll houses, there are doll hospitals too, at least in Australia. It’s something you might want to Google that. It’s a place dolls or toys can go to when they fall apart or become a bit too worn out for our liking and they want a bit of a fix and cheering up.

      • I do remember Toy Story. I remember shedding tears when I was watching Toy Story 3 a few years ago. Doll hospitals seem to be rather common here in Australia.

      • Now I remember I still haven’t done anything with the doll clothes I found packed away. Maybe I can find a place that takes both dishes and clothes — and, re Toy Story, I might even have a cowgirl outfit for Jesse.

  2. The good thing about keeping all your stuff is that you’re bound to find something that fits the Weekly Photo Challenge theme! You do an amazing job of matching your clean-up with the weekly prompt.

    • Oh yes, with all this, I am certainly bound to find something to fit the challenge. I keep thinking that pretty soon I’ll be changing from Hoarder Comes Clean to Hoarder Came Clean but I’m way too slow. (It may be time to just start shoveling it out) Thanks for commenting — Sandy

  3. Very cute set. I still have my tea set from childhood. It has been used with my daughters and granddaughter. Not sure if my baby grandsons will be too interested but I plan to keep the set for a while. Nice post!

    • Thanks — Wonderful that you have family to love yours. Alas, I’d temporarily lost track of my dishes when my nieces were little, so they didn’t get to play with them. There was a Toy Museum they loved to go to, so I’ll see if they, or a Doll Hospital, would like some of my dishes. Or (hard to think that I’m old!) a Historical Society?

      • Today things from the 70s are in the antique stores. My two older children who were born in the late 70s laugh when they see their old toys in the stores. It sounds like you have found good places to share them. I am in the process of releasing many of the items held onto for years. It is a bit freeing to release them.

      • Oh my — 70s things in the antique stores (maybe I can put my blender on eBay). Now if only 70s houses came back “in” I wouldn’t have to do a bathroom remodel. But you are so right –it’s freeing to release the stuff. I find that, in a way, I’m still “hanging on” though, in taking time to control where it goes. I need to get over that.

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