Catching up with a past Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

I may be the last person left on earth who still likes to get on an airplane. With the crowds these days, even I have second thoughts, but our trip home from the UK last Thursday was a lucky one — the flight wasn’t full. Sam and I each had our own row, and mine included the window.

1st View of North America from the air

Coming Home – maybe it’s the deep blue sky that I find so enthralling.

I love watching for that first view of North America. Someday I’m going to figure out where this is and go there. Another bonus this flight — I know pollution isn’t always visible, but it’s comforting to see the air look clean.

1st View of North America from the air

Still on the way home… I don’t see signs of human occupation yet.

Earth: our big blue marble

Earth: our big blue marble.

It looks like marble in more ways than one, doesn’t it?

Now that I’m home, of course I’m having trouble getting my mind out of “vacation mode” and back to daily business. We all have our vacation rituals, and for me, it’s the afternoon coffee stop. No excuses now, must resist. That other earth — the yard — needs attention today. People go on vacation, weeds don’t.

Do you feel like going out for coffee today? Are you resisting?

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9 thoughts on “Catching up with a past Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

    • Good question! Are you giving me permission? I might take you up on it if you are… meanwhile just trying focus on my chores when I’m at home. Seems like they’re never-ending, and I’d really like to finish fixing up the house so I can move. Why move??? — less maintenance — coffee break every day.

  1. Such beautiful views out of the plane. It is great when the plane isn’t full…if you like space, that is 🙂 Today I feel like sitting around and doing nothing. But I have to work and I’m at work 🙂

    • But even if you’re at work, I hope you do get a coffee (or coffee-equivalent) break. Although I find it tempting to take breaks when I’m “working” at home, it was easier for me to actually DO it when I was on the job, and needed a break from stress.

      • We are legally forced to take one 15-minute breaks before and after a 30-minute minimum lunch at work. Usually during break time I check my blog 😀 It sounds like you like and go after your breaks. Less stress, a better way to live 🙂

    • I love the window too, but I’ve had to shift to aisle seats for long flights, so I can get up and walk when I need to. This time I was SO lucky to get both the aisle and window, and like you, I love staring out. I still take the window for shorter flights, and have my favorite side of the plane for trips home to the midwest (right side) and to NYC (left, for that fabulous view of lower Manhattan on approach, and over Central Park on leaving). Happy flights to you — Sandy

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