Before and After in the Laundry Room, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

Am I late posting the photo challenge Opposite? Yes, but life is hectic. Maybe it’s time to call yet another opposite and blog about this small project instead of the big one I’m working on now.

Here’s my laundry room in the throes of change:

Laundry Room during paint job

My new appliances are covered while the old rest-of-the-room gets an update. I used this as a warm-up project – getting ready for the big one – a bathroom remodel.

Here’s my “before” photo with the old washer and dryer, bought when we moved here in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately there’s no angle without the ceiling light glare on the cabinets.

Laundry room "before"

Let me guess, you’re wondering “blue paint, what was she thinking?”

All the cabinets in this house are dark.  I had these painted as a test. If they hold up well, I’ll know I can have the kitchen cabinets painted.

The first step was getting a new washer and dryer (thank you Georgia, for a tax-free weekend for energy efficient appliances). The old ones were thunking and groaning their way to end-of-life.

Laundry room project "during"

New appliances, old cabinets ready for their update.

I like the top-loading washer with a glass lid because I can look in to see what’s really happening. For example, is it using more than 2 cups of water? (usually not – we’re talking mega-water-saver here) The only problem is, the new smart appliances are smarter than I am. If they have a problem, they don’t even talk to me about it – they tell my phone. On the bright side, they do play happy little tunes to say they’re finished with their cycle and, presumably, were glad to serve me.

Here’s my “after” photo — with a finished paint job, plus new molding and new cabinet hardware. And, goodbye blue, hello neutral walls. Another plus, the walls are the same as the adjacent breakfast room, so there’s consistency, not to mention fewer paint cans to store.

Laundry room "after"

Lest you think the outside of the cabinets looks a little blah — in the interest of opposites, there’s still an explosion of color inside the cabinets.

Clean hoarding: Laundry cabinets insideI feel the need to apologize for having all these plastic containers, especially in the midst of Plastic-Free July, but I’m still using up the hoarded cleaning supplies from a decade ago (previous post on clean hoarding).

Before and after, old v. new, inside v. outside, neutrals v. color, it’s still just a laundry room, but it does feel newer and cleaner, and gives me a sense of progress.

How about it – am I alone on this, or are your appliances smarter than you are?

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14 thoughts on “Before and After in the Laundry Room, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

  1. I am saving for appliances and I’m getting the exact same kind. Top loader with glass. My sister has them and I love the “view”. As to the color, I like the white cabinet but also the blue. 😉

  2. Great makeover and the room looks so much more brighter. Amazing what a colour change can do. Like you, I prefer top loader washing machines. In the event that I forgot to put a piece of clothing in it and it has just started washing, I can still throw it in. And yes, you can look in too see how much water is in there.

    My washing machine is as smart as yours, singing when it is done washing. But it is a ten year old thing and it is getting noisier and noisier each year 😀

    • One thing about the newer “smart” ones – you can’t throw in another piece unless you’ve notified it in the beginning that you’re going to (strange, yes? If it’s so smart it should figure that out, but then, maybe I’m not smart enough to figure out how to override it) Thanks for looking in, Mabel 95 degrees in Atlanta today and I’m thinking Australia sounds like a good place to be — Sandy

      • I had no idea about that on the newer ones. It sounds like the newer ones are smart enough to keep shut while washing so no one falls in, lol. What is you forgot to add the washing powder and it already started going. Now that could send one into a tizzy.

        I could use that 95’F right now. It is 10’C here tonight, brrr.

      • They have a special “pause” button to push if you want to open the door (both washer and dryer). I think they do a sensor calibration when you first put the clothes in, so that gets disrupted if you add something without telling it you will be doing so. Funny, this does not bode well for self driving cars!

    • Oh, Paris! Wonderful. Are there as many people touring as usual, after the bombing last year? I’d love to go back sometime, it’s been years. I see I need to create a logon for Crazyguyonabike — will work on that. Meanwhile, thanks for commenting and I’d wish you a great summer but it sounds like you’re already having one… Sandy

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