A New Retaining Wall, and Two Weekly Photo Challenges (Morning and Fun)

I thought this morning might be the last for my old retaining wall, but it turns out I’ll have it until Monday.

Old Retaining Wall made of railroad ties

Here’s my “before” — the old wall, sadly, long past its expiration date.

It’s been a happy home for termites, chipmunks, ants, spiders, and probably lots of other critters, but I’m finally giving in and getting it replaced. Years ago, when we moved here, we said, “That retaining wall needs attention.” But there were other things, like health, that needed attention more. The retaining wall didn’t (quite) fall down, so there it still is.

As for the demolition? — Here’s what arrived this afternoon…

Dumpster gets backed up the hill into the driveway

Here comes the dumpster. I hate to see things going to the landfill, but in this case, there’s no choice.

I have two more remodeling projects stacked behind this one. Is it going to be fun getting through the next few weeks?  Maybe — stay tuned!  Meanwhile, I’m planning some sorting-out days to keep me busy while I listen to the drumbeat of timbers falling (thunk) into the dumpster.

Have you ever had your own dumpster?

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18 thoughts on “A New Retaining Wall, and Two Weekly Photo Challenges (Morning and Fun)

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  3. So cool to have such a big dumpster come in and park itself in your yard. Bye bye wall, it has served its purpose. I hope the critters within it don’t go rushing in your front door in search of a new home 😀 I’ve never had my own dumpster like that. I’ve only gotten as far as those green bins that you put outside when I lived in a house. These days I live in an apartment and my dumpster is the rubbish chute – which sees poor ventilation days sometimes; on hot days it can stink up the corridors.

    • Now there’s a big pile of the replacement — interlocking ‘stones’ — sitting beside the dumpster. You’re right about the critters too. I’d better make sure to keep the garage door closed or I might have too many visitors. (and after this experience, I’m really looking forward to my future in a condo or apartment)

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  5. I wish I had my own dumpster! And one for recycling too. It would make things easier, wouldn’t it? Just to fill it up in the yard and have someone to come and take it away. Your posts are making me laugh this morning (thank you) from the retro green avocado to the breeding pins. Good times 😅😆😉

    • The recycling dumpster would be better – the one for my retaining wall probably went to the landfill, since the timbers were the treated kind. Now I have a smaller dumpster instead, this one for things like that avocado green tub. I’m feeling guilt, but, it has to be done. Today I just had to get away from it so I went to Dragon Con (so much fun to see the costumes), a once-a-year treat. Thanks for reading! – Sandy

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